24 Local NGOs Receive Donation from AEON Yellow Receipt Campaign

AEON (CAMBODIA) CO., LTD donated on Jan. 11 nearly 7, 000 USD from its own Yellow Receipt Campaign in 2021 to 24 local non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Those NGOs include Nature Save Cambodia​ (NSC), Passerelles Numeriques Cambodia​​ (PNC), Sipar, Mith Samlanh, Cambodia Students and Children Fund, Cambodia Children Against Starvation and Violence (CCASVA), Sacrifice Families and Orphans Development Association (SFODA), Hope of Children, Pay It Forward​ Organization, Friend International, Douleurs Sans Frontier's Organization, Center for children's Happiness (CCH), Future light Organization (FLO), Dream Girl Project (NPO), Cambodia Children's Fund (CCF), Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia, Transcultural psychosocial organization (TPO), IL Nodo international organization (ILNODO), Andong Center street to school, Sophia University's Asia Center for research and human development, Orphan disable youth and poor women training organization, Japan Heart, Smile Cambodia, Cambodia International Education Support Foundation(CIESF).

AEON Yellow Receipt Campaign happens on the 11th of each month. Customers who purchase at AEON Phnom Penh Store, AEON Sen Sok City store and AEON MaxValu Stores can put their receipt (Yellow One) in the Yellow Receipt box at each store where they can choose their preferred NGOs. AEON will donate 1% of the total amount that customers purchase to local NGOs based on actual receipts received from each box.

AEON Yellow Receipt Campaign aims to encourage customers to participate more in social events and promote the culture of sharing in society, said Mr. Seko Tsugutoshi, Managing Director of AEON Cambodia Co., Ltd. Mr. Seko also stated that this campaign first started in 2016 with 7 NGOs only, until now, there are dramatically increased to 24 NGOs that have participated and received a donation from this campaign. Additionally, this campaign is aligned with AEON’s principle that not only focuses on its own business but also pays high attention to participating and minimizing social issues. Through this campaign, AEON (CAMBODIA) CO., LTD will contribute more to deal with various social issues both in present and future while focusing on its business growth.

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Mr. Seko Tsugutoshi, Managing Director of AEON Cambodia Co., Ltd

Friends International first joined with AEON Yellow Receipt Campaign 6 years ago, since the first initiative of this campaign, said Mr. Phoung Tola, a representative of Friends International. He also took this great opportunity to thank AEON Cambodia Co., Ltd for a strong support of Friends International as well as other social events that have played a crucial role in business operation and success.

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Mr. Phoung Tola, a representative of Friends International

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