"A Journey With Nou Sary", an Exhibition Not to Be Missed

ROSEWOOD GALLERY welcomes NOU SARY, a Cambodian artist who passed twenty years ago by the School of Fine Arts of Saint-Etienne in France, confirmed painter on the square of Phnom Penh, from September 26, 2021 to January 26, 2022.

In twenty years (2002-2022) the Cambodian painter and sculptor NOU SARY has become a recognized artist who presents in twenty-five paintings a retrospective of his work. He adds a new collection and four original sculptures.

The man, originally from KANDAL, having lived for years in SIEM REAP, in the midst of young budding artists, has just moved with his family to PHNOM PENH and created a new collection to be presented at ROSEWOOD (Vattanac Tower - free entrance). 

Having created his own style, a little Vangoghian one might say, Sary has become an international Cambodian since his paintings "HARVEST Collection" are exported to the four corners of the planet. 

His new collection "MARKET" will be unveiled on Sunday, September 26, 2021 along with a retrospective of the last two decades of artistic creation. It is a new step on his already long journey as an artist. With new materials for his sculptures and paintings beautifully presented to the public, NOU SARY invites visitors to travel through the sensations he perceives when he lives and observes "Mother Nature" and the colorful human activities of his country 

Through the exposed works, the evolution of the artist is perceptible. However, his inspiration remains the same, that of transmitting what he feels in a simple and natural atmosphere that cannot leave the eye indifferent.

The Market Collection reflects Sary's sensitivity to the daily work and efforts of the women in the markets, but it also immediately reveals the artist's style and talent. This style transports the regular visitor to the markets of rural Cambodia, with touches of color on canvas, to cross the threshold of the capital.

His sculptures are astonishing as Man joins Nature because of the new materials used. A fragile force emerges from them that calls out to us. NOU Sary is creative but what does he want to tell us? Meet the artist on site by making an appointment at the ROSEWOOD Gallery, he will answer that he too comes from the forest ... 

 Retrospective and Future is an exhibition that, for four months, will encourage the people to look down on the road traveled.

"A JOURNEY WITH NOU SARY" is the name of this exhibition not to be missed.

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