A Rare Albino Sambar Now Cared for at the Phnom Tamao Conservation Center

This albino Sambar is in good health although he has difficulty dealing with sunlight. Photo: Phnom Tamao Conservation Center

PHNOM PENH – An albino Sambar—the first one to be seen in years—has been put under the protection of the Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center. According to the center’s experts, such a rare Sambar has not been seen for a very long time.  

The male Sambar was born on Oct. 24, said Try Sitheng, Phnom Tamao Wildlife center conservation and rescue officer. The deer was born in normal conditions and in good health except that his eyesight is slightly affected, he said.

“Its health is normal,” Sitheng explained. “The albino Sambar is just more vulnerable to sunlight than normal deers. Based on observation, its eyes are not very large. Since its birth nearly two months ago, the baby deer has still not gotten used to sunlight.”

There previously was an albino deer at the rescue and conservation center but the animal died of old age more than two years ago, Sitheng said.  

He added that albino deers may be considered rare because wildlife conservationists do not easily detect their presence.

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