A Small Guy with a Loud Attitude

Some people’s attitude is bigger than their positions. Even though they are employed, they behave as if they were more important than those who employ them. Samnang and Sothie have finally met again. They had not seen each other for quite some time to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Before Samnang arrived and said hello, Sothie had a moody expression on his face and frown lines between his eyebrows. He did not have a good feeling toward employees who behave as bigger than their bosses.

Sothie: Some people: Their position is still at the lower end and yet, they want it so much to become higher!

Samnang: Wait…Wait…! What are you talking about? I don’t understand.

Sothie: Some of them are just employees. Their status is still low. Some don’t even have any specific positions. However, they have such a superior attitude. Sometimes, it can be higher than their own employers.

Samnang: Who are you referring to?

Sothie: I am speaking in general. I have met plenty of these people already.

Samnang: Sothie, please be more specific. Can you explain to me the idea of “a small guy with a loud attitude?”

Sothie: It’s actually like this. Some of those people may work for high-ranking officials, famous public figures or even tycoons. The thing is those with high positions, reputation or wealth don’t really act loud. The annoying thing actually is the people below them. Their gestures, their tones, their words can be louder than the bosses.

Samnang: Are these people commonly found in society?

Sothie: Not that many, and yet not that few.

Samnang: So, do employers know how loud their employees’ attitude is?

Sothie: Some bosses might not really know about this. The solution is for the bosses themselves to monitor their employees. If the bosses don’t know, don’t care or don’t act in time, the bosses’ reputation might be damaged by this kind of employees!

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