Cambodia Seizes 170 Packs of Drug from Laos

Photo from Stung Treng Provincial Department of Information

Smugglers flee after Mekong interception

PHNOM PENH--Stung Treng provincial authorities have seized 170 packs of illicit drugs smuggled from Laos into Cambodia through the Mekong River.

Stung Treng Provincial Police Commissioner Out Sivutha confirmed that the drugs had been confiscated but the packs were yet to be opened and weighed but he could not yet tell the total weight.

Fresh News reported that the drugs, seized on Wednesday, weighed up to 170 kilos.

Sivutha confirmed that the smugglers had escaped. He could not say whether they were Lao or Cambodian or how many there were. However, police were pursuing them.

"We must catch the perpetrators. We already have some clues," he said.

Stung Treng Provincial Information Department said the smugglers fled to Koh Sleng.

Cambodian authorities recently seized 167 kilos of drugs from a Canadian man in Phnom Penh. The Anti-Drug Department said on November 15 that authorities had arrested the man and filed a complaint against him at the court.

According to the Anti-Drug Department, Cambodia detained 9,828 drug suspects in 4,461 cases across the country while seizing up to 1.05 tonnes of illicit drugs from January to September.

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