Cambodia Wins Two Gold for Arnis Debut

Over three days, the national players won 12 medals, including two gold, six silver and four bronze. Photo: Lay Sopheavotey

PHNOM PENH -- With the foundation technique from Kun Bokator, Cambodian arnis players have won two gold medals in their debut in the game at the SEA Games.

Over three days, the national players won 12 medals, including two gold, six silver and four bronze.

Thuon Narak, the first player to claim gold in men’s full contact live stick (lightweight), said he had trained for three months in preparation for the Games.

Narak is a Bokator fighter who was introduced to arnis in 2019. With many years of training in martial art, Narak has the basic skills to perform arnis.

“Arnis is a type of sport that requires speed and strength,” he said. “I have to be fast to beat my opponent.”

He is determined to continue pursuing the sport and represent Cambodia internationally.

Another gold was claimed by Hoem Lyhouy, La Bunmary, and Treng Phalin in the women’s team anyo non-traditional open weapon on May 16.

The silver medals were won by Yong Mengly in men’s full contact padded stick (lightweight), Suon Heang Sela in women’s full contact padded stick (lightweight), Ty Prakponleu in men’s full contact live stick (bantamweight), Run Salith in men’s iArnis, traditionally known as eskrima and kali is the national martial art sport of the Philippines. Knives, bladed weapons, sticks, and other improvised weapons are used in this sport's emphasis on weapon-based combat. Hand-to-hand combat, ndividual anyo non-traditional open weapon, Lath Sophandaroth in women’s individual anyo non-traditional open weapon, and three other players in men’s team anyo non-traditional open weapon.

grappling, and techniques for disarming weapons are also included.

The Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, Hang Chuon Naron, said at the Games opening ceremony that the sport, which originated in the Philippines, will help unite sportsmanship in Southeast Asia.

He also expressed his expectation that arnis will be included in the next SEA Games. This sport debuted at the SEA Games in Cambodia on May 14.

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