Cambodian Billiards Champion Sruong Pheavy Loses her Chance at a Second Gold Medal

Sruong Pheavy (L) and Kien Tuong Phung (R). Photo: Ministry of Information

PHNOM PENN — Cambodian billiards gold medallist Sruong Pheavy lost her chance for a second gold medal after losing to Vietnam's Kien Tuong Phung in the semi-final of the 1-cushion carom singles competition on May 13.

The competition was held at the Aeon Mall Sen Sok City in Phnom Penh.

During the match, Kien Tuong Phung did very well, leading Pheavy in a row until she was successful. The Vietnamese payer will advance to the gold medal finals that will take place at 6 pm this evening.

Pheavy, who had reached the semi-finals after beating Thai player Vutthiphan Kongkaket on May 12, will be awarded a bronze medal.

On May 8, Pheavy won a gold medal in the Women's 3-Cushion Carom Single contest, defeating Vienamese player Hoang Yen Nhi Nguyen.

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