Champions Representing Cambodia in the Mobile Legend Southeast Asia Cup 2023 Finally Found

In recent years, E-sport in Cambodia has grown significantly with a series of national and international competitions subsequently. Additionally, each of the Cambodian professional players increasingly pay more attention in developing their skillsets to be stand-out even more on the international stages. 

The MPL-KH Spring Split 2023 which is organized by Mooton Technology Co., Ltd, endorsed by E-sport Federation Cambodia (EFC) and exclusively sponsored by Sting has successfully ended with BURN X FLASH (winner as Champions of this season and will represent Cambodia to compete in the Mobile Legend Southeast Asia Cup 2023 (MSC 2023). MSC 2023, a Southeast Asia Cup, also known as MSC, is an international competition where top professional team from countries across Southeast Asia compete annually.

Furthermore, 3 additional non-SEA teams from North America, Turkey, and MENA region will join the competition in MSC 2023 also and with Cambodia as a host nation., Surely the team representing Cambodia will provide an outstanding performance in MSC 2023.

On the contrary, similarly to the previous season, MPL-KH Spring Split 2023 consists of 8 top Cambodian Teams intensely compete to become a Champion with a prize pool of USD16,000 and the place to compete for MSC 2023. There was a big number of e-sport fans that participated in this event.

Besides that, the participants also experience an excitement with exclusive souvenirs through attractive activities brought by STING. This is the 4th season that Sting has been actively supporting and sponsoring e-sport industry including both the event and Cambodian e-sport professional team.

STING, is a popular non-alcoholic beverage brand in Cambodia nowadays, while Moonton Technology Co., Ltd is a multinational video game developer and publisher, owned by the Nuverse subsidiary of ByteDance. Mobile Legend Bang Bang is e-sport game which created an online platform for people to enjoy and making new friends. Mobile Legend Bang Bang was founded in 2016 and has been gaining its popularity exponentially in Southeast Asia region.

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