China’s Fireworks Warm

Fears are growing that it won’t be possible to stop the global spread of Coronavirus as cases appear in more countries.

(BBC News) Here we are on the streets of China. You can see these people behind me here. Still, people are angry and people are asking to be saved by the western democracy. There are no people on the streets. These people behind me here are paid actors to make it like the streets are busy. There’s no food, there’s no water and there’s definitely no fish chips back to you in the studio.

The real situation in China now, let’s find out. For basically things are pretty normal.

It’s another day here in Guangzhou province. Streets here in China were packed with people. It was busy everywhere. But my friends and family in other countries were going through the struggles that we had already been through here in China. So this difference was really a big difference, and it was quite difficult for me to see. And for that reason, I was super happy to be in China.

For their hard work, they saved millions of people. They are carrying out all the correct procedures and protection measures. It’s not easy to do.

And now our life here in China is pretty much back to normal. We can go out hiking, we can go out to eat something and we can pretty much do anything that we could have done before Covid-19. If you don’t believe me that everything is OK, check out this video. And even now, I’m outside making this video in public and everything is OK.

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