Confirel, the Pleasure of the Table and Healthy Food with Authentic Khmer Style and Flavors

If there is one discovery not to be missed in Phnom Penh, it is that of the Confirel showrooms where great classics of the Khmer gastronomic heritage—Kampot pepper and palm sugar—are offered for tasting along with new sweet, salty, fruity, chocolatey, etc., creations as well as health products, all these having in common that they are made exclusively from raw materials from regions of Cambodia.

Created in 2001 by Dr. Hay Ly Eang, Confirel is a pioneering agrobiological company in Cambodia whose mission is promoting exceptional local products to contribute to the rural development of the country.

Three-quarters of Cambodia's territory is made up of a vast expanse of plains part of the Tonlé Sap basin and the Mekong lowlands. Subject to a regime of tropical monsoons, the country's climate and its agriculture follow an annual rhythm of alternating dry season and rainy season, approximately equal in duration. Rice, vegetables, fruit, spices, aromatic and medicinal plants, trees and shrubs as well as freshwater and sea fish abound.

It is by exploiting this exceptional natural heritage in accordance with the principles of circular economy and the implementation of sustainable agricultural practices that Confirel, by combining ancestral know-how and innovation, has, over around 20 years, developed five ranges of products on the international gastronomy and health food markets.

Thnot: the sugar and confectionery product range bearing the colors of Cambodia’s national tree

Since time immemorial, the Borrassus flabellifer sugar palm, or thnot in Khmer, has been considered a national treasure of the country because of its multiple resources—wood, fruit, leaves, fiber, sap—that have always helped farmers in their daily lives by providing them with sugar, wine, a roof for their homes, canoes, and many other things.

Confirel has made thnot the standard of its approach, thus using the name for its range of sugar and sweets: its first brand.

Thnot palm sugar is made from palm sap harvested by a cooperative of 300 producers in the Kampong Speu Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) zone, one of the two Cambodian PGI designations recognized by the European Union.

Certified organic by Ecocert International, Confirel's unrefined Thnot sugar, which is produced according to the ancestral know-how of Cambodian farmers and the highest food safety standards, has won awards at international trade fairs thanks to its unique caramelized flavor, its magnificent orange color, and its low glycemic index.

In powder, syrup, paste or block, Thnot sugar lends itself to multiple uses such as enhancing hot or cold drinks, baking and cooking.

With this exceptional sugar, Confirel has created a range of sweets and chocolate entirely made with Cambodian raw materials: confectionery with exotic fruits and Kampot pepper; mango rolls; fruit chips; chocolate bars and treats; and so on.

Kirum: a range of premium condiments in the tradition of Kampot Pepper, the king of peppers

The Kampot Kirum pepper is a unique and flavorful pepper recognized by leading international chefs as one of the best peppers in the world. Confirel's Kampot Kirum pepper has been certified organic by Ecocert International, meaning that it is grown and processed without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

The pepper is grown at the foot of the Dâmrei Mountains in the southern province of Kampot. The climate, altitude and soil composition of this region are ideal for its cultivation. The production area benefits from a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) that is recognized, among others, by the European Union.

Kampot pepper has a complex flavor, both sweet and spicy, and a fruity aroma with hints of citrus. Confirel has been producing black, red and white Kampot pepper since 2011, the traceability of which is guaranteed by the PGI label.

To the king of peppers, the KIRUM range adds many other condiments, exclusive creations by Confirel and produced with the best ingredients from sustainable agriculture: Kampot pepper sauce composed of Kampot pepper, natural palm sugar and palm sugar vinegar, designed to enhance the flavor of salads, meats and fish; palm vinegar, plain and with Kampot pepper; Kampot pepper in a marinade or flavored brine, which is ideal for titillating the taste buds with punch.

Kiril, the range that puts prahok on the international stage

Prahok, which is a fermented fish paste, is the soul of Khmer cuisine.

Transformed into powder to adapt it to modern cooking, prahok Kiril, which comes in five flavors, brings a unique, authentically Khmer flavor to all forms of food preparation, from the simplest such as omelets and salads, to the most elaborate. The prahok Kiril, for which a patent application has been filed with the INPI in France, goes well with Western, Asian and Cambodian cuisine.

Kiril Prahok Ktis: a Cambodian symphony for one’s taste buds

The Prahok Ktis is a culinary preparation typical of traditional Khmer gastronomy, full of exotic aromas, and rich and complex flavors. The Prahok Ktis is born of the incorporation of Kiril prahok in a mixture of coconut milk and palm sugar flavored with lemongrass, turmeric, kaffir lime, garlic, and red pepper. Ktis is a dish with a creamy and soft texture, a harmonious marriage of salty, spicy and subtly sweet.

As a garnish for spaghetti, sandwiches, hamburgers, for canapes with the aperitif, or Cambodian style with rice or crunchy vegetables, Prahok Ktis Kiril brings a powerful Khmer note to international gastronomy.

Kirum Herbal Tea and KEM for good health and well-being

Exclusive creation of Confirel protected by the first international patent obtained by a Cambodian product, Kirum Herbal Tea with Kampot pepper inflorescences offers a selection of infusions with multiple health benefits. Protected by an international patent that recognizes the detoxifying virtues of its active ingredient, Kirum Herbal Tea, with its different formulations, acts in many areas: detox, relaxation, digestion, lactation, tonicity, anti-stress.

KEM Probiotics, which is also a creation of Confirel, is based on fermented morinda citrifolia. Thanks to its unique manufacturing process, KEM Probiotics contains a sufficient quantity of more than 50 different probiotics, explaining its effectiveness on a large number of symptoms such as joint and inflammatory pain, enlarged prostate, allergy syndrome, digestive problems, fever, aches and pains, headache, palpitations, dizziness, and sleep disturbances.

Kirel, Jaya and Mekong Crémant: a range of authentic Khmer wines and spirits in harmony with the history of Cambodia

By fermentation or distillation of the organic Borassus flabellifer palm sap, Confirel has developed a range of wines and spirits, both rooted in the country’s terroir and history and in perfect harmony with the expectations of enlightened lovers of fine alcohols around the world.

With Kirel Palm Wine, Cambodia’s terroir expresses itself.

Kirel Original is produced by fermentation according to an ancestral tradition that enables it to retain the characteristic aroma of sugar palm sap. With an alcohol strength of 11%, it should be consumed in moderation on any occasion during which one wants to shine by bringing in an original, exotic note. Kirel Pineapple and Kirel Ginger color its flavor. Slightly less alcoholic, they add a tropical touch to aperitifs , receptions or romantic dinners.

Jaya Palm Spirit—the conquering spirit of the ancient Khmers—comes in three tones.

Jaya Spirit, which is produced by distillation, has a caramelized aroma typical of Borassus flabellifer sugar, with a bouquet similar to that of a bourbon.

JAYA Blue owes its aroma to natural aromatic and medicinal herbs from Cambodia as well as Kampot pepper. Having an appetite-stimulating effect, it also helps the body to digest well during a festive meal.

Jaya Extra, which contains, in addition to natural aromatic and medicinal herbs from Cambodia and Kampot pepper, a subtle touch of black ginger (Kaempferia parviflora), awakens all the senses with its rich and unique aroma as well as tones and the aphrodisiac effect of black ginger.

Mekong Crémant brings a breath of Angkor to major celebrations as well as intimate moments. Made using the champagne method, which requires a second fermentation in the bottle, Mekong Crémant is festive, delicate and, with its fine bubbles, the drink for all celebrations that it colors with an inimitable flavor, unique and typical of Cambodia.

Confirel, an actor committed to sustainable and equitable development

In addition to its commitment to introducing the flavors of Cambodia to the whole world, Confirel is committed to rural and social development in Cambodia. It has developed a business model that creates added value for everyone in the production chain, from farmers to distributors.

Numerous national and international awards certify this: By choosing Confirel, you not only get delicious, high-quality products, but you also support a company taking action every day for the sustainable and equitable development of Cambodia.

Showroom National Museum, 57 Street 178; Tuol Tompoung Showroom, 171 Street 155.

Open every day from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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