COVID-19: Be Generous Not Selfish in Hard Times

  • Cambodianess
  • April 13, 2021 9:43 AM

Samnang and Sothie have had a difficult time managing their daily budgets. Their income has declined while their spending and debt remain the same. It seems everybody faces a similar challenge so that Sothie and Samnang decided not to complain. Today, the two friends discuss the help, which has to be given to those who need it during this troubled time. 

Samnang: Look, Sothie! Everybody is losing some amount of income. Only a small group of people are profiting during the pandemic. Is that true? 

Sothie: The Cambodian people are no different from other people from all around the globe. Only a small number of people are not facing the issue. Furthermore, the pandemic has also affected the mentality of the people. Some people are getting even more stressed and mentally unstable. 

Samnang: Where do those mental issues come from, Sothie? 

Sothie: Based on the news I have read and the ideas of the experts I have listened to, the pandemic has left many people feeling isolated, in debt, and joblessness. All these factors contribute negatively to the stability of mental health. 

Samnang: From what you have mentioned earlier, many people experience income issues during the pandemic. Plus, how about those who only get to earn enough for one day? 

Sothie: For those who only earn enough for a day, they too are facing quite a lot of challenges. A good thing about our society is some people already announce their donations on social media to help those in need. Some have lowered the price of their goods. This kind of movement in assisting one another during a hard time has gained a good amount of momentum within our nation. On the other hand, the government has also announced on helping those who are struggling with their livelihood. 

Samnang: Yes, there are those with a good heart. However, there are many people with stingy hearts as well, Sothie. 

Sothie: Have you, yourself, helped others yet?

Samnang: I have already helped some people around me. I help by my capacity. I donated some food to some of them who are really in need. I share proportionally to what I have. However, there are people with plenty of wealth who are also quite stingy. 

Sothie: Actually, those with plenty of wealth can do a lot more donations. Sothie, please continue to practice your donation. You do not need to wait for others. Make more donations and show them. After a while, they will take note of your action and decide to do theirs. However, do it from the bottom of your heart. Do not push yourselves by lying to yourselves. Making donations during this difficult time is one of the best things to do. Helping one another when you are “poor” is better than when you have “enough”. During this time, people who have more should assist those to have less. Those who have less should also show gratitude toward the donation that they receive. At this time, the sellers should not inflate their product prices. In short, the pandemic is when we have to help each other with compassion as human beings. It is, of course, not a time in which you solely compete for your or your own family’s survival. 

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