COVID-19: You Are Lucky If You Still Have a Job!

  • Cambodianess
  • April 8, 2021 7:05 AM

Samnang and Sothie still maintain their job in hand amidst the COIVD-19 pandemic, which wreaks havoc on the country's economy. Even though they do not work at the office, they still take their work very seriously. On the contrary, the two pals have achieved noticeable productivity, unlike some other employees who work considerably carelessly from home. However, they also do not forget to take some time off and have a little chat with one another on social media. “More people are unemployed during this pandemic” is the topic that the two friends talk about today. 

Samnang: Hey…! Sothie! When you look at the general picture of the world, a lot of people turn jobless due to this pandemic. How is the situation in Cambodia? 

Sothie: The pandemic has impacted the economy badly, and the life of many around the globe and Cambodia is no exception. Here in Cambodia, the majority of businesses are closed. Some employees and workers have been returning to their hometown one by one. 

Samnang: Why are they returning to their hometown? 

Sothie: According to my observation as well as the economic analysis, the majority of Phnom Penh workers come from provinces. So, when businesses in the capital city no longer function, the labor force has to return home. 

Samnang: I have heard that some Cambodian workers in Thailand will also return home. Is that true?

Sothie: Some Cambodian people who work overseas are also coming back to their hometown. Some businesses in Thailand are also facing the same issue due to the pandemic. 

Samnang: When they return, how can they earn money for spending?

Sothie: That is the point! I want to tell you that in some developed countries, unemployment can be very challenging for people. In addition to receiving financial support from the government, people cannot request their family or relatives for help like what we do here in many Asian countries. The social connection between people and their families here is still pretty much solid even though the government provides small support. It would not be an issue if you only need enough food to sustain yourself from day to day. People here, in this case, really help each other. Therefore, he or she will need to get back home when they become unemployed.

Samnang: The number of employment is still rising since the pandemic is not slowing down. However, those who still have their job intact seem to neglect their tasks. What is your thought on that?

Sothie: Oh…! Samnang, please do not blame those who neglect their work during the pandemic. They might do their work carelessly since they are too bored and stressed about the current difficult time. However, I want to say that it is better to feel stress with work than to feel stressed without working or any reliable income. You have to keep this thing in mind! Being bored with your job can be more comfortable than being bored out of your job. Why…? Without a job, you wake up in the morning, and you do not know what you have to do. After lunch, you still have no idea what to do. After dinner, the same feeling kicks in. You also have to think about the salary. The life-sustaining salary! Going jobless is mentally and emotionally painful. I am sorry to mention this, and this can sometimes be very shameful. 

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