Delete Offensive Angkor Wat Video, TikTok Urged

A Vietnamese woman in a Thai traditional costume at Angkor Wat. Photo: Nhek Sreyleak

PHNOM PENH – The APSARA National Authority has urged TikTok to take down a controversial video of a Vietnamese woman in a Thai traditional costume at Angkor Wat.

The video, shot in and around the temple, sparked an angry backlash from Cambodians. 

The authority said on Nov. 12 that some visitors had wanted to wear creative clothes and materials at the temple. The authority stopped them and asked them to delete inappropriate photos. 

The visitors, however, managed to take videos and pictures on their phones inside and outside the temple. These were later edited, inserting Thailand’s national anthem, kings and flag. 

The authority urged TikTok to delete the video because it was provocative and called on the public not to share the video or pictures of those involved.

The authority apologized for failing to take action in the case and said it was committed to being more effective and strengthening authorization to protect the beauty of the temple. 

The authority also thanked the public for its comments against such a negative incident at the site of the temple, which is a means to strengthen the cultural heritage’s value that represents the country’s soul.

The authority said earlier that tourists may take photos or videos at cultural heritage sites and other temples as memories or tourism purpose only.

Applications to the authority fall into three categories. The first is People who want to take photos, videos or movies to advertise, promote their products or create a business. 

The second is people whose business involves traditional costumes, such as pre-wedding photoshoots, because experts must review the costumes first. 

Last is licensed tourism agencies who want to take videos to promote the temples to their clients online. The latter two are free of charge.

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