Gold and Silver Medals for Men's Soft Tennis

PHNOM PENH – Cambodia got gold and silver medals in Men’s Doubles Soft Tennis on May 7 at the Olympic Stadium. Unfortunately, the women’s teams did not make a cut.

The final match was contested by two Cambodia duos, which guaranteed the country another two medals whatever the outcome. At the end of the game, John Mada and Kann Sophorn’s pair won 5–3 against Yi Sarsarith and Doeum Samsocheaphearun.

Since the opening of the match, the winning team quickly gained the upper hand over their opponents, with Mada and Sophorn marking 4 points while Sarsarith and Samsocheaphearun stayed blocked at 0.

They then nearly came back to the score by marking 3 points in a row but to no avail.

John Meda said he was excited about this medal as he is been in soft tennis for seven years with no gold medal yet.

“While competing in other countries, I could only get silver and bronze medals,” he said.

“But it’s not yet enough. There is always room for improvement.”

John Mada and Kann Sophorn won Timor Leste 5-0 and Laos 5-2. Yi Sarsarith and Doeum Samsocheaphearun beat Laos 5-4 and Timor Leste 5-0.


Laos got bronze, beating Timor Leste 5-0.

In Women’s Doubles, Cambodian athletes in Group A lost to Indonesia and the Philippines, while in Group B, the team was defeated by Laos and Thailand.

The Philippines claimed gold while Thailand came second. Indonesia and Lao both got bronze.

On May 6, Cambodian teams already claimed gold and silver medals in the Mixed Double competition.

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