Harmony, Plurality of Ideas and Democracy

Supporters of Cambodian People's Party (CPP) parade in the street of Phnom Penh during the first day of campaign for the general election on July 7, 2018. Photo by TANG CHHIN Sothy / AFP

Yes to plurality of ideas as long as this does not call into question social harmony.

Yes to pluralist democracy as long as this does not lead to political chaos.

Now, this sounds rather obvious for any citizen wishing for everyone to be able to express himself while preserving the common good which is peace, acquired at such a high price.

However, here are nice declarations of intent that, repeated often enough, if not harped on, end up making another tune heard, in the background.   

This one, when the “as long as” is persistently hammered, would imply that, in the end, pluralism of ideas might lead to calling into question social harmony, that multi-party democracy, essentially, might lead to political chaos. And that, in the end, pluralism would be detrimental to harmony.

And yet, pluralism of ideas is only the expression of diversity in life, diversity of individuals.

Harmony cannot be born of the extinction of diversity.    

On the contrary, genuine harmony must respect this diversity, and must enable it to blossom.

Otherwise risking to produce chaos from which we want this harmony to protect society. 

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