Health Minister claims Cambodians Satisfied with Kingdom’s Healthcare Options

Health Minister declares Cambodians generally satisfied with healthcare options. Photo: ThmeyThmey

Ministry announces falling mortality rate at annual congress and general improvement of facilities and services nationwide.

PHNOM PENH--More than 80 percent of people were satisfied with services at hospitals and health centers across the country in 2019, Health Minister Mam Bun Heng said on Wednesday. It is not immediately clear how many people were surveyed or how this statistic was generated.

“The clients who have used all-inclusive referral hospital services and health centers across the country were more than 80 percent satisfied by the end of quarter 4 in 2019, it shows how hard our health officers and doctors are working for the improvement of the healthcare service,” he said. 

Speaking during the annual congress of the Ministry of Health, Bun Heng said that the rate of fatalities from treatment fell to 0.62 percent in 2019, down from the Kingdom’s 0.70 percent mortality rate in 2018.

Healthcare spending in Cambodia is divided between the public and private sectors, but most people use private healthcare services. Wealthier Cambodians have been known to travel to Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore for services that are unavailable or more expensive in Cambodia.   

Leading Thailand-based private healthcare provider, BDMS stated in their 2018 annual report that they had seen an increase in Cambodian patients in their Thai facilities. 

“International patients’ growth were driven mainly from an increase in Kuwaitis 26 percent year-on-year, Cambodians 23 percent year-on-year and Chinese patients 20 percent year-on-year,” the report reads, with the group noting a double-digit increase in patients from Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam every year for the past five years.

In July 2019, Prime Minister Hun Sen was admitted to a Singaporean hospital, reportedly for shoulder surgery, but encouraged Cambodians to have trust in the Kingdom’s healthcare system.

Neither the health minister nor any spokesperson for the Ministry of Health could be reached for comment on March 5.


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