HoKa Training Strengthens Tourism Skills

More than 600 trainers, staff members and individuals working in tourism and hospitality have received training in 2021, according to a report released on Monday. Photo provided

Program may be rolled out across the country

PHNOM PENH--More than 600 trainers, staff members and individuals working in tourism and hospitality have received training in 2021, according to a report released on Monday.

The HoKa hospitality training program, in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism, was carried out in five targeted provinces under the Skills Development Programme (SDP). The program has provided and strengthened skills among stakeholders in the industry.

The HoKa steering committee said the Hospitality Training Program has trained 107 trainers on front office skills, hospitality, food and beverage services. Another 100 low-level trainees and staff have also been trained.

The program provided in-house training for 300 staff in business and tourism and eco-tourism communities in Kratie, Stung Treng, Preah Vihear, Ratanakiri and Mondulkiri provinces as well as basic barista skills for 100 people.

Swisscontact’s country director Rajiv Pradhan. Photo provided

During the launching ceremony on Monday, non-governmental organization Swisscontact’s country director, Rajiv Pradhan spoke of the importance of the training program. He said HoKa is an excellent industry-based program that will be used in other provinces or across the whole country.

“HoKa training materials and program will fit the best needs of enterprises and learners now and in the future,” Pradhan said.

Ministry Secretary of State Pak Sokhom, head of the steering committee, said the program would make a significant contribution to strengthening the qualifications of professionals and improving the quality of tourism services to prepare for the re-opening of the country.

“We strongly believe that through the HoKa committee mechanism, which is the core mechanism of cooperation and the strengthening of working at both national and sub-national levels in the implementation of the HoKa Hospitality Training Program, we will achieve even better results that contribute to Cambodia's tourism sector and strengthening tourism professional skills,” he said.

In the same forum, Kong Dara, head of the HoKa training program, said the program had carried out many important tasks such as inviting the private sector to work in hospitality in the target area, building capacity by training new trainers to establish provincial professional teams, training enterprise staff and providing skills to low-skilled staff in the hospitality sector.

The second phase of the SDP (2020-2024) has been implemented by Swisscontact and the Institute for Vocational Training, Labour Market and Social Policy (INBAS) in collaboration with the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training and the Ministry of Tourism.  

The program carries out various activities in close collaboration with national and sub-national administrations, the National Employment Agency, public and private training providers, as well as companies and small enterprises in the hospitality and other sectors.

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