How to Create a Brand Identity that Let Your Business Stay Competitive in the Markets

Ong Keamesa is currently a Senior Designer at KOUPREY Creative Solutions. Photo provided.
  • KOUPREY Creative Solutions
  • February 2, 2021 4:17 AM

What makes people remember your brand identity and how to enable a business to stay alive in the long run? Most companies get a headache to think of what image they should present their business in the markets and how to grab clients' attention.

To achieve their business's goals, they initially start with generating a logo for their companies for the purpose of getting their brand to be remembered by their customers. Basically, logo design is a hardworking and thought-provoking process, which requires more research, specialization, and forethought to come up with creative and compelling ideas. 

Therefore, to help your business stand out from the competitors, Ong Keamesa, Senior Designer at KOUPREY Creative Solutions, shares his experiences in brand identity design with us.

To Create A Brand Identity that Helps Business Stay Competitive, We Should Consider the Key Design Rules: 

In order to compete with international brands, Keamesa said, "a logo should be designed in a simple way because a well-designed logo design will enable your audience to easily remember your business and understand your message. Moreover, your audiences can recognize and remember your brand by seeing your logo."

Thus, professional designers try to avoid a complex logo design and they prefer to design by following K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple and Stupid) and sometimes an effective logo presents something unexpected or unique.

More importantly, he also explained that a simple logo is versatile and it can work well in a variety of media and production. As an example of this, if a logo was designed with very detailed elements on it, it could cause problems whenever it is used to print on small items such as a pen or small sticker because its detailed element will be also too small and invisible and if you placed on media such as video for TV and Facebook, people will hardly see its details and they might not be able to identify your logo. 

Last but not least, the most effective logo design can last for 20 or 50 years to vigorously compete in markets. Therefore, the designer should have the forethought to come up with creative and compelling ideas in logo design. These are the important elements that international brands consider when they initially think of a logo design.

Additionally, to achieve all the above-mentioned elements, it is also very necessary for designers to conduct more research about the client’s company, type of business, competitor, business’s audience, and the long-term goal of the company before starting a logo design. Having some insight into your client’s business will enable you to know what should and should not be included in the logo and you will understand how the logo should look like.

A common mistake that always happens when we expect that our logo is everything and we try to convey a lot of messages through a logo because we are excessively eager to tell the world about who we are, what we do, and what we can do for them, and so on. However, no logo can do all of these.

To Generate an Outstanding and Compelling Logo, Designers Must Avoid the Common Mistakes:

Keamesa believes that no one intentionally wants to create common mistakes in logo design and sometimes those mistakes might happen due to misunderstanding. For instance, when we design a logo for a coffee shop, generally people might think that we should incorporate the image of a coffee bean or coffee cup on the logo. 

He added that “for this point, I don’t mean that what they are doing is wrong but they just directly represent that coffee shop and if we design it in this way, our logo will not be unique or memorable because most of the cafés are doing so.”

However, they should consider that logo is the symbol to represent a shop but it is not to tell what the shop has. Therefore, in order to avoid this kind of mistake, we can incorporate other elements such as coffee leaf and wordmark together so that, we avoid the similarity of the logos in the market and make our logo design become unique and rememberable, Keamesa explained.

“Another common mistake that always happens when we expect that our logo is everything and we try to convey a lot of messages through a logo because we are excessively eager to tell the world about who we are, what we do, and what we can do for them, and so on. However, no logo can do all of these," Keamesa highlighted.

Keamesa recalls, “I think that every designer might experience getting feedback from clients and sometimes those comments are not appropriate for design rules or it can be said that those comments turn to be the common mistake that designers should avoid. Hence, to get rid of these challenges, they need to clearly and concisely explain to their clients and if they chose the wrong concept of their logo design, we need to inform them about the problems or the challenges which could happen in the future.”

Design Trend Keeps Changing Year by Year; Therefore, We Should Maintain Our Ongoing Self-Improvement in Design:

Nowadays, to get more improvement in graphic design, designers can have several potential ways that they can explore it without any cost. Talking about online learning platform, most people tend to immediately think of YouTube. However, there are plenty of graphic design tutorials such as Skills Share and Lynda that they can freely access to brush up on new skills.

Moreover, it is important for us to keep strengthening our technical skills since the new feature of design software are getting updated every year in case that we are not on trend with the new version of the software, our working pace may be slow because the new feature could allow providing more user-friendly functions and convenient tools.

In addition, designers should keep themselves updated by following international designers’ works. It is not for them to copy their works or ideas but it is beneficial for them to get more inspirations and creativities from their works, and sometimes they can bravely approach them to get more inspiring advice.

It is important to learn other famous designers’ works from various social media platforms, where they can see a lot of inspiring portfolios of visual works such as graphic design, fashion, illustration, photography, and so on. They might learn more from several famous platforms such as Behance, Pinterest, and so on. Ultimately, they could also sign up for their own account and showcase their design artworks.

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