How to Make Fish Salad

The photo shows a chapter of the cookbook on how to make  Fish Salad or locally knows as “Pleas Trei”. Photo: KOY Rattanakborin
  • Cambodianess
  • March 10, 2021 12:32 PM

A cookbook “The Taste of ANGKOR” has been recently released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in order to boost the economy and help diplomats bring Khmer culture to the world. 

Setting out 38 dishes and recipes, including desserts, side dishes and meals, the cookbook was unveiled at the inauguration of “the Implementation of Economic Diplomatic Strategy 2021-2023.”

Cambodian diplomats, from now on, will have to add Khmer foods to their programs and their missions abroad, in addition to existing programs such as promoting agricultural products, tourism, investment policy and commercial activities, allowing them to promote Khmer culture on international forums.

In contributing to the promotion of Khmer Cuisine, Cambodianess has the honour to introduce Fish Salad or locally knows as “Pleas Trei”.    

Ingredients: 600g of freshwater fish fillet, thinly sliced; 3 and half tbsp of sugar, 2tsp of salt, 4tbsp of fish sauce, 4 leaves kaffir lime leaf, finely julienned; 4tsp of galangal, chopped; 2pcs of chilli pepper; 1tbsp of dried chilli flake, 60g of shallot, sliced; 20g of garlic, sliced; 3tbsp of rice, 2 and half tbsp of lime juice and handful mixed green herb (mint, Khmer basil)

Instructions: Heat up a pan, on low heat. Add in the rice (unwashed), gently stir until golden brown. Finely grind the roasted rice using a food processor or mortar. Set aside.

Bring water to boil with the kaffir lime leaves and salt. Add in the fish fillet and bring the water to boil once more. Once the fish is cooked, drain and set aside the fish.

In a big bowl, mix the kaffir lime leaves, galangal, garlic, shallots, chili pepper, fish sauce, sugar, salt and lime juice. Add in the fish fillet, ground roasted rice, mint leaves, Khmer basil and mix gently. Serve cold with fresh vegetables such as cabbage, bok choy or iceberg lettuce.

Canapé (option): Place bite-sized portion of Plea Trei on cucumber wedges or small bok choy leaves. Garnish with mint or basil.

To serve with: cabbage, bok choy or iceberg lettuce.

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