How to Maximize Architect’s Competence for On-Demand Market

Mr. Hun Sothea is junior architect at SORSOR Architects.
  • KOUPREY Creative Solutions
  • February 8, 2021 5:10 AM

“To get architecture sector vastly developed, every architect needs to come up with more innovative ideas and creativities,” says Mr. Hun Sothea, Junior Architect at SORSOR Architects

To keep nimble and competitive in the market, many architecture and interior companies are heavily relying on talented people and it is more important for every architect to continuously leverage their high-skill performance and innovation so that they can generate more architecture with high-quality and attractive features. Therefore, to compete in the years ahead, our reporter has a talk with Mr. Hun Sothea, Junior Architect at SORSOR Architects to discuss more on how to strengthen architect’s skills and knowledge for the demanding market.

Cambodianess: Besides skill and knowledge at university, what are the specific talents that he or she should have to be a sophisticated architect?

Personally speaking, Mr. Hun Sothea, Junior Architect at SORSOR Architects, thinks that to be a sophisticated architect, we initially should have some artistic concepts in mind because a great architect must properly know how to integrate art, culture, and science to enhance the architectural design for creating visually stunning environments.

Additionally, they should have bravery, management, and leadership to work well among the teams and with different people because architects would encounter stressful situations and unexpected issues. Hence, these skills will enable them to know how to handle each project successfully and compete it for their clients smoothly.

Cambodianess: If you could make a suggestion, what would you like to recommend?

To get more innovative development in the architecture sector in Cambodia, I would like to encourage young architects to seek more opportunities to sharpen their skills and knowledge, by trying to join the national or international competitions. Having this kind of contesting experience, it will enable them to broaden their knowledge and to get more portfolios for their future career.

Additionally, it is a chance for them to show the potentials of Cambodian architects to the world. Thus, I excitedly believe that it would be great if we initially have a national competition in our country, and then we can equip them with more constructive skills and knowledge to get ready for the international contest because it will give more opportunities for Cambodian talented architects to express their ideas and creativities. By doing so, there will be a huge transformation for the architecture sector.

Last but not least, by enriching more human resources in architecture, Mr. Sothea strongly believes that we will see more Cambodian architects leading the big architecture projects in the future because currently, we see only the foreign architects, who are handling those projects.

Cambodianess: What is your expectation toward the architecture sector in Cambodia in the future?

Noticeably, having seen that Cambodia is a developing country, where it gives more opportunities for several sectors to grow up. Therefore, I truly envisage that the architecture in Cambodia will vastly get more advance in the future. To achieve this goal, every architect needs to come up with more innovative ideas and creativities.

Therefore, I strongly encourage each architect to keep sharing more knowledge and keep an eye on the international architecture from the developed country so that we can see Cambodia better in architecture together.

Hence, Mr. Sothea remarked that “nowadays we can see the incredibly bright light [talent] from a lot of creative and potential students. However, the important thing is to know how to build a bridge to get that light for the sake of architectural progress in Cambodia.

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