Japan to Donate 1 Million Doses of AstraZaneca to Cambodia through COVAX

Ambassador of Japan to Cambodia Mikami Masahiro. Photo from Japan Embassy's Facebook.

The Japanese government has provided some $50 million in aid to Cambodia and will deliver vaccines as soon as the logistics are worked out

PHNOM PENH--The Japanese Embassy in Cambodia on July 13 announced that the Japanese government will provide 1 million doses of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine to Cambodia through the World Health Organization’s COVAX facility.

According to the embassy’s statement, the vaccines will be shipped as soon as the logistics can be finalized.

Mikami Masahiro, Ambassador of Japan to Cambodia, said that he hopes that this donation will support the government of Cambodia's efforts in containing the spread of COVID-19, noting that the announcement may help to address some concerns of the Cambodian people.

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere respect to all concerned medical and governmental professionals who are taking measures against COVID-19 as well as all the people who are having to deal with this difficult situation,” he said.

Strengthening Cambodia’s medical system is key, Ambassador Mikami added, given the unprecedented spread of COVID-19.

“In our fight against the global issue of COVID-19, Japan would like to continue to cooperate and work together with our important friend, Cambodia,” he said.

By the Japanese Embassy’s estimates, Cambodia has received more than $50 million in assistance from Japan during the pandemic in the form of medical equipment, hospital refurbishments and support for monitoring Cambodia’s borders. This is on top of the $227 million the Japanese government loaned to Cambodia for the development of cash transfer programs during the pandemic.

Ambassador Mikami said that sincerely hopes that the situation will improve as soon as possible and that the exchanges between Cambodia, Japan and across the world will resume.

“I pray for the health and safety of all Cambodian people,” he said.

The Ministry of Health announced that more than 5 million Cambodians have had at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine as of July 13 and added that a further 830 cases were identified nationwide, bringing the total to 62,700. Of the 830 new cases, 217 were imported while the rest were locally transmitted.

A further 28 people lost their lives to COVID-19, the Health Ministry said on July 13, noting that this brings the total number of deaths to 953 while 54,489 people have recovered.

The WHO and Ministry of Health’s latest situation report, dated July 5, said that a total of 38 cases of the Delta variant had been imported into Cambodia, but so far the Delta variant—deemed more transmissible and resistant to vaccines—has not been found to be circulating locally in Cambodia.

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