Khmer Tech Market Launches an App for Specialized Developers

PHNOM PENH — The Khmer Tech Market app, which enables both suppliers and users to buy, sell and expand their online services in the fields of science, technology and engineering was officially launched on Dec. 21.

Developed by the Cambodia 4.0 Center, the app was officially launched on Dec. 21 at the Kampus building in Phnom Penh during an event chaired by Parliamentarian Hun Many who is president of the Board of Directors of the Cambodia 4.0 Center.

“Khmer Tech Market” has been developed to serve as the first-ever digital platform in the country that enables combining the supply-and-demand sides of technology, science and engineering services,” said Aing Sovannroath, executive director of the Cambodia 4.0 Center, during the event. “ This app will also operate as a digital platform to create new demand, which will provide experts in science, technology and engineering in Cambodia the opportunity to advertise and promote their services.

“Both suppliers and customers using this mobile app will not be required to pay any fees or membership fees,” Sovannroath said. “The service providers could be companies, freelancers, students, and employed and unemployed people. The clients could be the public, public and private institutions and organizations, and so on.”

At the event attended by private sector representatives, experts and students, Hun Many stressed the importance of this latest mobile app that, he said, will be a digital platform that will bring together all stakeholders to provide digital solutions for businesses and socio-economic activities.

“Seizing technology aligned with the government’s goal of developing a digital economy and society is important to ensure long-term growth in Cambodia,” he said.

Hun Many then called on young Cambodians to prepare themselves while adapting to technology and taking advantage of what it offers in this changing world.

Serving as an Open House, the Cambodia 4.0 Center was founded for stakeholders to provide digital solutions, train, and help raise people’s awareness  of technology through digital literacy programs.

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