King Sihamoni Urges New Government to Work for Citizens

King Norodom Sihamoni stands in a photo session with newly elected members of the National Assembly on Aug. 21 after presiding over the inaugural meeting of the 7th legislature. Photo: Chhorn Sophat

PHNOM PENH – King Norodom Sihamoni has entrusted the new government with the task of continuing to accelerate national development and economic growth, urging increased solidarity among members of the government and the citizens.

“I strongly believe that the new government, that will be approved by the National Assembly, will carry out its duty in accordance with the law, push forward economic growth and promote the livelihood of the Cambodian people,” his majesty said on Aug. 21 during the opening of the first session of the 7th legislature of the National Assembly, which he presided over.

“To achieve the work, Cambodia must unite, and have a firm stance on national reunification and the four sublime states,” he added, referring to the four main virtues of Buddhism – loving-kindness (metta), compassion (karuna), sympathetic joy (mudita) and equanimity (upekkha).

King Sihamoni continued that since the establishment of the first National Assembly in 1993, Cambodia has transformed itself from a divided state to a nation of peace, stability and sovereignty. The members of the Parliament’s lower chamber should continue to perform their work as stated in the constitution of Cambodia and ensure fair law enforcement for all citizens, he said.

“The members of parliament are the representatives of the whole nation and must work towards the equal living of the citizens in religion, education and decent jobs,” he stated.

The King also urged the government to follow the laws passed by the National Assembly to promote the rule of law and to be in line with the development of society.

The first session of the 7th National Assembly was held on Aug. 21 in the morning. Later during the day, all elected members of parliament will be sworn in at the Royal Palace before starting to assume their duties the next day.

On Aug. 22, the members of the National Assembly will vote to nominate the president and the vice presidents of the National Assembly, as well as the president and vice-president of the expert committees.

The same day, they will also proceed to a vote of confidence to officially place Hun Manet in the position of prime minister, succeeding his father after more than 38 years of leading the government.

The new cabinet under Hun Manet’s leadership is expected to be officially announced shortly after the same day. The new ministers will mostly consist of children of the Cambodian People’s Party’s old guard.

Khuon Sudary has already been nominated as the new president of the National Assembly, succeeding long-time president Heng Samrin who will continue his work as a member of parliament.

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