Kulara Water (Eau Kulen)’s sustainable leadership rewarded at the AREA Awards 2020

  • Cambodianess
  • September 28, 2020 5:00 AM

First Prize at the Eurocham CSR Awards and Contest 2019, in the “Large Company category”, the company that produces Eau Kulen just won the Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards 2020 in the “Investment in people Category”.

Behind a renowned brand, a strong commitment to CSR and social empowerment

Kulara Water was led to great heights by Bernard Forey, a French entrepreneur and became quickly an established name in the beverage industry, thanks to his vision and values of excellence. Eau Kulen was the first natural mineral water that was launched in 2013 and ranks today amongst the country’s most renowned brands.

Considering CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) as an inseparable part of its core business, the company is proud to have been rewarded once again. In 2019, Kulara Water’s circular action plan and holistic approach won at the local level the Eurocham CSR Awards and Contest in the Large Company Category.

On September 23, 2020, the company’s performance in terms of employees wellbeing, skills development, talent recognition and internal mobility has won the Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards in the Investment in people Category.

This annual Awards recognition programme aims to recognise and honour deserving Asian businesses for their CSR commitments and for championing sustainable and responsible business practices.

As a reminder, Corporate Social Responsibility (also called Corporate Citizenship) is a broad concept, quite new in the Kingdom of Cambodia. To engage in CSR means that, in the ordinary course of business, a company is operating in ways that enhance society and the environment, being conscious of its global impact on all aspects of society, including economic, social, and environmental.

Enhancing society and the environment

Kulara Water actively strives to implement best practices to effectively strengthen its leadership, promote resource protection and land regeneration while also looking after employees’ well-being, skills development, life-long learning, social mobility and growth opportunities.

Since its launch, the company has been committed to an inclusive performance and to share its success by improving the quality of life of its workforce and their families, as well as the local communities and society at large. The Company focuses on three main pillars of sustainable development, economic, social and environmental.

Kulara Water’s CSR programmes have generated tremendous results on the well-being of employees, resource protection, health promotion, community development, poverty eradication, social empowerment, and also responsible consumption, product quality, innovation, brand recognition and leadership.

The company is particularly proud to be an employer of choice, being able to offer its staff a career progression policy and to generate over 160 sustainable jobs. Moreover, the company is also proud of the commitment of its team to deliver the best, to develop their skills and to evolve and improve.

Lastly, thanks to the company’s reforestation programme in partnership with the Archaeology and Development Foundation, 400 kids from three villages and primary schools in the Kulen Mountains were made aware of environmental protection, biodiversity conservation and land regeneration. 43,000 trees (about 35,000 in Phnom Kulen National Park and 7,800 on the company’s land) have been also reintroduced for the direct benefit of 2,100 villagers and 430 families.

Shaping the next decade with global goals

Ever since the launch of Eau Kulen in 2013, Kulara Water has registered strong growth, and this success is the result of a corporate strategy that has enabled its main product to conquer its public and become an established name within the beverage industry.

Moreover, during this challenging and uncertain times, the company reiterates its values of excellence, performance and solidarity and also its strong ambition to continue to innovate, implement and share its best operating practices for the benefit of others. The company considers its commitment to CSR to be vital in taking it to the next level of growth.

About the Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards (AREA)

The Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards program recognizes and honors Asian businesses for championing sustainable and responsible entrepreneurship in the categories of Green Leadership, Investment in People, Health Promotion, Social Empowerment, Corporate Governance, Circular Economy Leadership and Responsible Business Leadership.

Learn more about Kulara Water’s commitment to CSR, community development and social empowerment: click here

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