Letter to a Mangrove Eater Who Has Just Dirt on his Brain

  • Thmey Thmey
  • January 25, 2020 9:10 AM

One more time, in Kampot province, the authorities had to intervene earlier this month to prevent a mangrove from disappearing, of being filled with dirt on the order of a businessman. 

One thousand square meters: This is the area that was filled in before the work was stopped. 

Whoever the person who ordered this illegal act is, we’re taking the liberty of writing this:

“Sir—or Madam as greed is nonsexual—you are stupid.

Maybe you consider yourself brilliant since you have been successful in business. But you are just an incredibly stupid individual.

One might say that you are a thief since you are grabbing public property. 

But above all, you are someone who is not very bright.  

Maybe you’re telling yourself that you are taking part in the country’s development and that 1,000 square meters is very little considering your accomplishments.

Let’s say it again: You are stupid like all those who, to make a couple more dollars, butcher nature.

We guess that you are impervious to any environmentalist consideration except maybe when it comes to your own properties. 

Which is why we will not even bother explaining to you why the destruction of the mangrove is not only an assault against the environment but also an assault against your fellow citizens and your country. 

We will settle for simply telling you: You are a stupid human being.

Please allow us, Sir, to express our profound contempt. 


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