Market Guard Fired for Damaging Vendor’s Fruit

Photo shows Kampong Speu governor Vey Samang brings donations to the street seller.
  • Khorn Nary
  • May 21, 2021 8:44 AM

Provincial authorities act after social media anger

PHNOM PENH--A market security guard in Kampong Speu province was fired on Thursday for damaging fruit that belonged to a street seller. 

The action of kicking the basket drew a storm of criticism from social media users, prompting the provincial authority to take action.

Vei Samnang, Kampong Speu governor, confirmed that the removal was punishment for the official, given his job of maintaining public order.

“His action was completely unacceptable. We are not taking the side of the seller because she should not have been on the public street. But as a public servant, we must peacefully instruct them,” Samanag said, adding that he had apologized to the seller over the issue.

The governor also called on other street vendors and sellers to abide strictly by laws and regulations as well as taking part in maintaining public order.

In March, Preah Sihanouk provincial authorities removed a tax and security agent at the Sihanoukville Commercial Center after he was found to have overcharged tax payments and intentionally smashed the eggs of a vendor.


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