Metfone and Viettel Group Honored with 4 Royal Monisaraphon Medals on the Occasion of the 15th Anniversary

On the evening of February 19th, Viettel Cambodia (Metfone) held a ceremony to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Metfone's service inauguration under the theme "The Met's Sonata." During the program. 4 Royal Monisaraphon Medals were awarded to individuals, collectives of Viettel Group and Metfone for their contributions to the development of Cambodia.

His Excellency Tea Seiha, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of National Defense of Cambodia, attended and presided over the event. The anniversary ceremony was attended by representatives from the Cambodian government and ministries, as well as the Ambassador of Vietnam to Cambodia, Nguyen Huy Tang, Viettel Group Chairman and CEO Tao Duc Thang, and other dignitaries.

With the theme "The Met's Sonata" the celebration aimed to convey the message that Metfone has been, is, and will continue to create valuable contributions to the people and the nation of Cambodia with dedication from the heart. Since its inception on February 19, 2009, Metfone has pursued the strategy of "infrastructure first, business later" bringing telecommunication services to the farthest and most remote areas of Cambodia. The celebration vividly portrayed Metfone's 15-year journey leaving its footprint across Cambodia, providing mobile coverage to 98% of the population.

Speaking at the commemorative ceremony, Mr. Tea Seiha - Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense of Cambodia, highly appreciates the contributions of Viettel Group to the country of Cambodia and expresses the desire to continue developing the good relationship between the Cambodian government and Viettel Group:

"I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the generations of leaders of Viettel Group, the leadership of Metfone for bringing many benefits, contributing to the economic and social development of our country. Metfone has brought telecommunications services, information technology to everywhere and helped improve the lives of the Cambodian people. In the future, I hope that the cooperation relationship between the Cambodian government and members of Viettel Group will continue to develop strongly and deeply, bringing even more benefits to both sides and contributing to the sustainable development of Cambodia."

On this occasion, the King of Cambodia has awarded the Royal Order of Monisaraphon, Moha Sereyvath class, to individuals and collectives from Viettel Group and Metfone to recognize their contributions over the past 15 years. The four individuals and collectives honored to receive the medal include:

  1. Viettel Cambodia Company

  2. Mr. Tao Duc Thang - Chairman and CEO of Viettel Group

  3. Mr. Phung Van Cuong - CEO of Viettel Global

  4. Mr. Cao Manh Duc - CEO of Metfone

On behalf of Viettel Group and Metfone, Mr. Tao Duc Thang expressed the desire to continue accompanying the government, people of Cambodia to bring more happiness and prosperity to the country:

"With the desire to continue contributing and building Cambodia, helping the Cambodian people to have a better life, Metfone will actively participate in implementing the Royal Government of Cambodia's Pentagonal Strategy. Our promise, from 15 years ago and into the future, will always be: Caring Innovator. Every solution, every product, every action of Metfone will strive to ensure that no Cambodian is left behind thanks to technology."

After 15 years of development, Metfone currently owns the largest telecommunications infrastructure and maintains the leading market share in Cambodia. In the new phase, Metfone is at the forefront of the digital transformation trend by developing digital applications and solutions to enhance the lives of Cambodian people. Metfone is also collaborating with various ministries and agencies in the government on digital transformation projects.

In addition to its business activities, Metfone has made significant contributions to Cambodia and its people, with over $1 billion contributed to the national budget and over $120 million dedicated to community and social support initiatives.

During the anniversary ceremony, Metfone also launched the TV360 digital television application. The product allows users to watch multiple television channels with high quality, compatible with various technology devices. TV360 is the next piece to complement Metfone's digital ecosystem.

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