MRC says Cambodia’s Mekong River not yet hit by blue-green hue phenomenon

  • Phoung Vantha
  • December 12, 2019 7:10 AM

PHNOM PENH--The Mekong River Commission (MRC) said Thursday it is constantly monitoring the situation in Cambodia’s section of the Mekong River for any sign of the blue-green hue that has emerged in central Laos and northeast Thailand recently. 

So Nam, a chief environment management officer at the MRC Secretariat, said the blue-green hue phenomenon has not been evident in Cambodia yet.

Nonetheless, he said the MRC, working closing with Thailand’s and Laos’ national Mekong committees, is carrying out water quality checks at several locations to ensure that it is safe. 

"Once the water is tested and results are out, we will provide an update to the public," he said. "We will constantly monitor the situation at other stretches of the River and the quality of water during this critical time. If any similar incident occurs, we will conduct the test and make the results available publicly." 

MRC routinely monitors water quality in the Mekong River and its tributaries at 48 stations – 17 in the mainstream of the Mekong River and 31 in the tributaries of which 5 are in the Bassac River. It has also indicated that the water quality in –Cambodia’s section of the Mekong River and in the Bassac Rivers is still in good quality so far.

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