Nearly 900 Kilograms of Drugs Seized in Sihanoukville

Confiscated drugs were burnt back in June 2022. Photo: ThmeyThmey

PHNOM PENH – Preah Sihanouk provincial authorities cracked down on a huge drug trafficking case on Dec. 11.

Meas Virith, secretary-general of the National Authority for Combating Drugs (NACD), said on Dec. 12 that 886 kilograms of drugs have been seized during the operation.

The group of suspects was transporting the drug to export it when they were caught by police in Sihanoukville’s commune 1.

“We are continuing the procedures and are gathering information [on potential other suspects],” said Virith, adding that the arrested traffickers are being interrogated while police forces are trying to detect the other suspects involved in this case.

However, he did not clarify the exact number of the suspects who have been arrested nor how many people are being tracked by the police.

The type of drugs that were seized hasn’t been unveiled either.

In August, Preah Sihanouk authorities already seized nearly 900 kilograms in the province, which were being trafficked by five Chinese nationals.

On Oct. 14, the Ministry of Interior reported having seized 17,060 tons of drugs and cracked down on more than 21,366 drug trafficking cases since 2018. A total of 40,316 people have been arrested.


Originally written in Khmer for ThmeyThmey, the story was translated by Meng Seavmey for Cambodianess.

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