Paddling While Contemplating the Beauty of Angkor Park!

Why taking bicycles when you also have motorbikes and cars? For tourists and villagers alike, cycling is, of course, a popular activity at Angkor. With intricate landmarks and landscapes, traveling on the two-wheeled vehicle offers a very memorable experience for travelers.

In contrast, traveling by car does not allow you to see every aspect of the panoramic view of the landscape. Plus, the shielded windows also do not allow you to have a sense of smell toward the surrounding environment too. While traveling by motorbike can also sometimes be a bit too fast, its engine also keeps you away from hearing the relaxing sound of the cicada.

Bicycles produce no emission.

Because of this, they function best inside this famous world heritage site. The more we paddle, the more beautiful Angkor Park will be. Bicycles sustain the environment and protect it from harmful gases. Paddling also makes the body healthy and the mind sharp!

Elders, youngsters, women, and men. These cyclists are the local villagers who reside inside and around the area of Angkor. Apart from that, they are also the employees of the Apsara National Authority, an authority that helps protect, maintain and develop the Angkor Archeological Park.

Bicycles are their means of daily transportation and a tool for them to burn out some excessive calories. They all have different destinations when paddling.

Yet, their routes revolve around this large ancient park of Angkor. From day to day, these people bike through the ruined stone gates, temple entrances, the thick jungles beside the communal roads, and the rice paddies in which some of them are already hundreds of years old.

The pandemic does make this ancient city a bit usually calm. However, these local people never let the temples feel lonely. These cyclists always say hello and pay visits to these ancient ruins from dawn to dusk.

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