Passion or Decent Wages First?

Lately, Sothie and Samnang have been hearing this question almost everywhere, including on social media and in conversations. Today, as the two friends were enjoying coffee in a modest coffee shop along one of the city’s boulevards, they suddenly heard two young people discussing this very topic. Which is: Would you do what you love or do what pays you decent wages?

Sothie: Those two young people are talking about whether to follow one’s passion or focus on earning a decent living. And you have to admit, both of them have provided reasonable arguments to justify their own visions. So, what do you think, Samnang?

Samnang: Being able to have both options would be very nice. One can earn while following his or her passion. Well, of course! Being able to do so is a great joy in life! That is the option preferred by everyone. But it is very, very rare to be able to achieve both.

Sothie: Should a person quit his or her job if the work stands against his passion? What should he do?

Samnang: This is a personal option. If one is determined to follow his or her passion, then, of course, one can quit that uninspiring job. However, that person must make sure that he will find a job that will enable him to earn a living or lead to a career that he loves.

Sothie: What if a person is having financial difficulties or problems finding a job in line with his life’s goals, what should be done then?

Samnang: In this case, that individual must shift perspective and take a job that will assure him a living rather than focusing on doing what he loves. You should do what you must do first. You have to be open-minded, not be picky, and diversify your skill set. With diversified abilities, your job options will be broader.

Sothie: However, if a person works for a salary and, in the end, she or he is unable to do what is meaningful to her or to him, then what is it going to be?

Samnang: A sincere and simple option would be to work for something that will bring you an income. Then, it would be easier to follow your passion later on. Do not wait to fulfill a passion that will hardly go away because it will consume your time. The professionals say that one can choose to search for one’s dream career or take a job that is different from one’s passion but in return will bring him a satisfying income. One must be flexible in life and avoid being stubborn.

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