Please Do Not Throw Garbage into the River

Garbage piles dumped by river dwellers on the banks of the Mekong River in Sambo District in Kratie Province. Photo: Chhut Chheana

Kratie Province is located on the plateau of the northeastern part of Cambodia, where the Mekong River flows for about 140 km. It is also home to dolphins, a rare aquatic animal in Cambodia and other parts of the world.

Every year, billions of fish of all kinds spawn and hatch in the Mekong River in Kratie Province and migrate downstream into floodplains, eventually reaching the Tonle Sap Lake.

The fish provide food security and employment to millions of Cambodians living along the Mekong River and around the Tonle Sap Lake.

But sadly, some people living along the Mekong River do not store or dispose of their waste properly. They use the Mekong River as a dumping ground or landfill, creating piles of trash on the banks of the river. This photo shows an unsightly pile of trash sitting on the bank of the Mekong River near Wat Sosor 100 (the 100 Pillars Pagoda) in Sambo District, about 36 km north of Kratie Province.

This trash can easily wash into the river, where it can break down into small pieces and be eaten by fishes and other wildlife. Such pollution can cause harm to both animals and people.

Wonders of the Mekong encourages people living along the Mekong River to be mindful when disposing of their trash, and remember that our actions affect the health of the river and the fish that live there. Let's join together to help sustain and protect fish populations and keep the Mekong River healthy.

A healthy Mekong means a healthy Cambodia! Please follow Wonders of the Mekong and share this post to help us to protect our fisheries for generations to come.

By Chhut Chheana/ Wonders of the Mekong

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