Red Zones Reduced, Rules Change for Yellow Zones

  • Phoung Vantha
  • May 6, 2021 8:38 AM

Lockdown extended amid record new cases

PHNOM PENH--Confusion has mounted after the government once again changed the scope of its COVID-19 response and updated restrictions for those living in locked-down areas of Phnom Penh and Kandal province.

After announcing that the lockdown would end on May 6, the government has made another U-turn and has extended zone-based restrictions until May 12, along with changing rules to the zones.

The changes come as new cases continue to surge, with the Health Ministry reporting 650 new cases nationwide on May 6. Four more people died.

Keut Chhe, Deputy Governor of Phnom Penh, said that the residents of yellow zones can travel to other provinces, but must abide by the rules of each province they want to go to, especially the requirement to take a COVID test or stay in 14 days quarantine. 

Those who live in provinces that are not badly affected can also travel to Phnom Penh but must comply with the measures of the city administration, such as taking tests, he said.

Keut Chhe asked people in the red and orange zones to be patient and understand the measures to prevent the spread of COVID for another seven days to end the February 20 outbreak.

Cambodia has identified 17,621 cases of COVID-19 but 6,843 people have recovered and 114 have died.

 The new rules are:

Updated Red Zones

  1. Touk Kork District: Sangkat Boeung Salang II (Village 23) Sangkat Boeung Salang (Village 10, 14 and some part of Village 16) and Sangkat Phsar Deum Kor ( Village 1, 2,3,5,6, 7)

  2. Meanchey District: Sangkat Steung Meanchey I, Sangkat Steung Meanchey II, Sangkat Steung Meanchey III

  3. Russey Keo District: Sangkat Toul Sangke I

  4. Por Sen Chey District: Sangkat Choam Chao I

  5. Chbar Ampov District: Sangkat Chbar Ampov I

  6. 7 Makara District: Eight buildings in Borei Keila neighborhood in Sangkat Veal Vong

Updated Orange Zones

  1. Toul Kork District:  Sangkat Boeung Kak II and Sangkat Boeung Salang (except for villages 14, 16 and 17)

  2. Dangkor District: Sangkat Dangkor, Sangkat Prek Kampus, Sangkat Preaek Kampues, Sangkat Kraing Pong

  3. Meanchey District: Sangkat Boeung Tumpun I, II, Sangkat Steung Meanchey II and III

  4. Russey Keo District: Sangkat Russey Keo, Sangkat Chrang Chamres I and Sangkat Chrang Chamres II, Sangkat Toul Sangke I

  5. Pou Sen Chey District: Sangkat Choam Chao I, II, Sangkat Choam Chao III and Sangkat Kakap I

  6. Preaek Phnov District: Sangkat Prek Phnov,  Sangkat Kouk Roka, Sangkat Samrong

  7. Chbar Ampov District: Sangkat Chbar Ampov I, and Sangkat Niroth

  8. Kamboul District: Sangkat  Kantaok and Sangkat Kamboul

Updated Yellow Zones

  1. Chamkarmon District: Sangkat Toul Tompoung I, II Sangkat Phsar Doeum Thkov and Sangkat Tonle Bassac, Sangkat Boeung Trabek

  2. Daun Penh District: Sangkat Phsar Chas, Sangkat Phsar Thmei I, II,  III, Sangkat Boeung Reang, Sangkat Chaktomuk, Sangkat Chey Chumneas, Sangkat Srah Chak and Sangkat Wat Phnom,  Phsar Kandal I, II

  3. 7 Makara District: Sangkat O'russey I, II, III, IV, Sangkat Monorom, Sangkat Mittapheap and Sangkat Boeung Prolit, and most parts of Sangkat Veal Vong.

  4. Toul Kork District: Sangkat Phsar Depo I, II, III, Sangkat Teuk Laak I, II,  III, Sangkat Boeung Kak I, II and Sangkat Boeung Kak II, Sangkat Boeung Salang.

  5. Dangkor District: Sangkat Pong Teuk, Sangkat Prey Veng, Sangkat Kraing Pong, Sangkat Sak Sampov, Sangkat Cheung Ek, Sangkat Kong Noy, Sangkat Prek Kampus, Sangkat Rolous, Sangkat Spean Thmor and Sangkat Tien, Sangkat Dangkor

  6. Meanchey District: some parts of Sangkat Steung Meanchey I ,II, III, Sangkat Chak Angre Leu, Sangkat Chak Angre Krom and Sangkat Boeung Tumpun I,and II

  7. Russey Keo District: Sangkat Svay Pak and Sangkat Toul Sangke II,  Sangkat Kilometer 6, Sangkat Russey Keo, Sangkat Chrang Chamres I and Sangkat Chrang Chamres II

  8. Sen Sok District: Sangkat Phnom Penh Thmey, Sangkat Khmuonh and Sangkat Krang Thnong, Sangkat Teuk Thla, Sangkat O Bek Kam and Sangkat Koul Khleang

  9. Pou Sen Chey District: Sangkat Trapeang Krasang, Sangkat Samrong Krom and Sangkat Kakap I, II, Sangkat Choam Chao II, III

  10. Chroy Changva District: Sangkat Prey Ta Sek, Sangkat Koh Dach and Sangkat Bak Kheng, Sangkat Chroy Changva

  11. Preaek Phnov District: Sangkat Samrong, Sangkat Ponsang, Sangkat Preaek Phnov, Sangkat Kouk Roka

  12. Chbar Ampov District: Sangkat Veal Sbov, Sangkat Prek Eang, Sangkat Kbal Koh, Sangkat Prek Thmey and Sangkat Niroth, Sangkat Prek Pra

  13. Boeung Keng Kang District: Sangkat Boeung Keng Kang I, II, and III, Sangkat Tumnup Teuk and Sangkat Toul Svay Prey I and II, Sangkat Olympic.

  14. Kambol District: Sangkat Kambol, Sangkat Or Lok, Sangkat Pleung Cheh Roret, Sangkat Boeung Thom, Sangkat Preah Lang, Sangkat Kantouk, Sangkat  Kantaok .

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