Road Accidents Claim 11 Lives and Injure 24 On Third Day of Khmer New Year

PHNOM PENH – A total of 11 people died and 24 were injured in 18 different traffic accidents on April 15, the third day of the Khmer New Year.

The announcement was made by the General Commissariat of National Police on April 16. It added that these accidents were caused by travelers exceeding speed limits, driving under the influence of alcohol, or not wearing helmets.

The 11 deaths include two females. Of the 24 people injured, 17 suffered minor injuries while the other seven were seriously hurt.

The General Commissariat of National Police had previously announced that 13 people had died and 30 were injured on April 13; and 8 people had died and 28 were injured on April 14, totaling 32 deaths and 82 injured in three days.

In 2024, the Khmer New Year is celebrated until the evening of April 16. Dense traffic is expected tonight, as people will travel back to their hometowns.

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