Scholarships for Degrees in India’s Traditional Medical Techniques Offered

Photo provided by the Indian Embassy
  • Sao Phal Niseiy
  • July 17, 2020 11:05 AM

Cambodian students are welcome to apply, the Embassy of India says

PHNOMP PENH—The Indian government is offering scholarships to Cambodian students who are interested in pursuing medical studies that combine modern medicine and traditional ayurvedic healing techniques.

According to a press release from the Indian Embassy issued on July 15, the scholarship courses, which are funded by the Indian government through the Indian Council for Cultural Relations, cover undergraduate programs in Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy, that is, AYUSH.

The courses include bachelor’s degrees in ayurvedic medicine and surgery, siddha medicine and surgery, unani medicine and surgery, homeopathic medicine and surgery, and science in yoga/ B.A. (yoga shastra).

“The scholarships are being offered by the Government of India to students of several friendly countries including Cambodia,” said Adarsh Kumar Mishra, second secretary in charge of education at the Indian Embassy.

The scholarships are meant for students who wish to obtain medical degrees in India's traditional system of medicine and promote the same medical practices in their respective countries.

“Medical education in traditional medicine would help not only the Cambodian students by way of providing them opportunity to adopt this as a profession, but also provide opportunity to all Cambodians to have access to alternative Indian systems of medicine in Cambodia itself,” Kumar Mishra said. 

Courses in AYUSH—techniques that are offered in India as part of the medical treatment options—have been seen growing in popularity not only in India but also among westerners and Asians as they seek alternatives to modern medicinal remedy.

Kumar Mishra noted that these scholarship opportunities will enable them to acquire knowledge and expertise in traditional medicine and to also access India’s systems of medicines in Cambodia. “Accordingly, it would also enhance expertise and diversity in the Cambodian medical sector,” he added.

"More than 25 scholarship slots are offered to Cambodian students for various courses annually,” Kumar Mishra said. “There have been around 300 students benefiting from the student scholarship schemes funded by the Government of India so far."

The scholarships are provided through India’s International Fellowship Programme, which extends financial support to foreign nationals to undertake AYUSH degrees in premier institutes in India, the Indian Embassy release states.  

Interested applicants can visit the Indian Council for Cultural Relations’ website for information:

More than 25 scholarship slots are offered to Cambodian students annually, the Indian Embassy said, adding that around 300 students have so far benefited from the student scholarship program funded by the Government of India so far."

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