Sweden rejects Russian demand to share Nord Stream leaks probe findings

Aerial photo provided by the Swedish Coast Guard on Sept. 28, 2022 shows the fourth leak on Nord Stream 2 pipeline in Sweden's exclusive economic zone. Photo: The Swedish Coast Guard/Handout via Xinhua

STOCKHOLM -- Sweden will not share the findings of the crime scene investigation with Russia following the blasts that damaged the Nord Stream gas pipes two weeks ago, Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson said on Monday, citing confidentiality.

"In Sweden, we have pre-trial confidentiality. We are working on exactly how we formulate our answer," Swedish Television (SVT) quoted Andersson as responding to the Russian request.

"This is an exceptional event," Andersson told journalists on one of the Swedish Coast Guard's vessels in the port of Karlskrona not far from the leak sites.

Last week, the Coast Guard cordoned off an area surrounding two of the leaks for a crime scene investigation and the Navy dispatched at least one vessel capable of conducting underwater probes.

The four leaks -- two in Sweden's Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and two in the Denmark's EEZ -- had occurred within a short distance from each other and within a short time, sparking suspicions of sabotage.

An analysis of seismic activity in the area also revealed a seismic signature corresponding to explosions.

On Thursday, the Swedish Secret Service said that the investigation had strengthened the suspicion that it was an act of gross sabotage.

The pipelines were built to transport gas from Russia to Germany, and Russia has expressed interest in participating in the investigations concerning the leaks.

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