Taking Part in Conferences and Workshops May Help a Reserved Person Become More Outgoing

Noh Navey is currently a senior student majoring in tourism at the Royal University of Phnom Penh. Photo supplied.
  • Him Imrorn
  • November 20, 2020 9:36 AM

To get more connected with society and be more proficient in the workplace, university students are encouraged to attend conferences, seminars, skill training as well as social activities related to their majors. Noh Navey, a senior student majoring in tourism at the Royal University of Phnom Penh, is one of today’s young Cambodians who are enthusiastic about getting involved in both local and international programs. As he explained, taking part in programs not only enables a person to acquire knowledge but it also helps a shy or reserved person become more outgoing. Cambodianess’ Him Imrorn sat down with Noh Navey to discuss his own experience at doing this and his aspirations.     

Him Imrorn: What did guide you to define your goal and path?

Noh Navey: Born in a rural area in Kampot Province, I did not really receive advice or guidance from any well-educated people. Frankly speaking, I was an introvert when I was in high school. But what prompted me to pursue a degree in tourism in Phnom Penh was my own plan for the future. Growing up in a tourism community—the Trapeang Sangkae Community Based Ecotourism—I was taught how important tourism is and how tourism works. After completing my baccalaureate program, I chose a tourism major as a bridge to my future career. And while studying tourism, I have been joining countless events relevant to my major to make myself connect with people.

Him Imrorn: You have mentioned that you were an introvert. Would you explain how you went about modifying your personality?

Noh Navey: When I was in high school, I never realized that being introverted somehow led to having less opportunities. Later, when I started…university life, my way of thinking was completely changed by the surrounding environment. I started training myself by becoming a volunteer. I tried my best to find any local program related to tourism and always applied as a volunteer there. As I joined more and more programs, webinars and events, I started realizing that it paid off and was beneficial. This lead me to be braver and braver, which also motivated me to give international programs related to tourism and international relations a try. I have been volunteering with foreigners such as Malaysians, Indonesians and Singaporeans. And these people taught me a lot because they have a strong commitment, patience and creativity.  So, in short, taking one step and then the next is my path.

Him Imrorn: You are currently a senior student majoring in tourism, but you seem to have joined many programs in international relations or politics. Don’t you think this is an interruption?

Noh Navey: I believe that my decision has its wisdom. I will not hesitate to tell you that I want to become a public official working at the Ministry of Tourism, with the highest position I can reach. So, joining programs related to politics is just a path to develop networking with people and get to know more about how politics works so that I can adapt in my future career. I believe that building a network with so many people will not make me shameful.

Him Imrorn: You have mentioned that you have joined countless events and vocational training. So among those, what is the remarkable one you would highlight?

Noh Navey: All programs are good and beneficial whether local or international because they enable us to understand social issues and the reality of life, especially for those who would love to be extrovert. Moreover, we, as participants, can meet new people and exchange ideas, which all lead us to become a braver person. However, if you want me to point out the best one, I would mention the event called “Global Diplomat Model United Nations” whose topic is “Discussing the Current Issues of the World”  and which was held recently. {During the event] I was a youth ambassador, functioning as a Cambodian national representative. I learnt a lot from it even though it was conducted virtually. Being a national representative, I had to lead my delegates to join the discussion on the topic set in the agenda.

Him Imrorn: Based on your experiences, what measure would you suggest to young Cambodians to become more resilient?

Noh Navey: I think that young Cambodians should participate in more programs or events, especially as volunteers, attending seminars, conferences as well as taking part in national and international competitions….When young people get to participate in programs, it is a part of making them become good leaders in the future. Moreover, it will make them think more critically when they make decisions toward life’s goals as well as strengthen their capacity both on the national and international stage. Moreover, by participating in programs, they can acquire more experience, knowledge and special things that will motivate them to get closer to those around them and more connected to the job market. Thus, I think young Cambodians should get used to getting involved in programs and absorb all [the knowledge and experience offered while] participating so they can be resilient and have clear goals to serve the country.

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