Teaching Yourself or Others How to Become a Tycoon?  

  • Cambodianess
  • May 17, 2020 2:28 AM

As usual, Sothie and Samnang have been following national and global news without skipping a single day. Information abound on about every topic ranging from business and the economy, the stock exchange and technology, politics, social issues, culture and sports. But today, the topic that caught the two men’s attention is this: teaching one to become wealthy or become a tycoon. 

Sothie: Eh, Samnang. What lessons are there to teach a person to become wealthy or a tycoon? 

Samnang: If there were lessons that really teach you to become a wealthy person, just like that, then there would simply be no such thing as poverty in this world. Don’t believe those teachers or speakers who offer such lessons! 

Sothie: How can I not believe? There actually are many people out there who go and study with them. 

Samnang: Of course, that is true. However, I have never seen any of them actually become wealthy. 

Sothie: Are you trying to tell me that the teaching is not correct? 

Samnang: No, that is not what I mean. What I am saying is that not all types of education can help you become a tycoon or a wealthy person. To be clear, studying for advanced degrees in education or being a fast learner does not necessarily mean you will become wealthy. But, one thing is clear: If you study hard enough, you will not end up living in poverty. So, learning with the idea of becoming wealthy or a tycoon is about the last thing one should think of. 

Sothie: So, taking lessons on how to become wealthy is not realistic. Is that what you mean? 

Samnang: Actually, learners might even get poorer if they spend a lot of money on those lessons. At the same time, those who teach keep on making profit. Students should realize that those who teach how to become tycoons have not done it themselves. So, how can they teach you (the students) to become wealthy? This world would be running short of people living in poverty if there were lessons on how to transform anyone into a rich person. 

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