The Body Is in the Meeting, but the Mind Is on Facebook

  • Cambodianess
  • October 2, 2020 7:10 AM

This morning, Sothie was buzzing his complaints like an angry bee. He was annoyed that more and more people are becoming less and less well-mannered at meetings. Regardless of the size or importance of a meeting, some people just don’t pay sufficient attention, he said. Their heads are nearly always tilted toward their phones or computers. And refreshed Facebook contents and messages are popping all over their screens during meetings, Sothie said.

Sothie: I don’t think they are actually using Facebook. I think they just play it. It’s like this every time and everywhere. I’m really irritated to see that less attention is given to the meeting and those who are speaking.

Samnang: I feel about the same as you. If those Facebook “players” were organizing or leading a meeting and not everyone were paying attention, how would they, themselves, feel?

Sothie: There are two distinct points that really irritate me. The first point is that, from the start of a meeting until the end, they usually text back and forth on their devices. If the conversations on text were about something urgent and quite important, then a few clicks would be acceptable and understandable during a meeting. The second point is that some Facebook “players” are quite high ranking in their respective workplaces and, if they are summoned to attend a meeting, it is to take an active part in the discussion, providing or receiving crucial information for a set purpose.  

Samnang: Well, I feel sorry for the hosts of the meetings as well as the meeting organizers. During large seminars at the ministry where I work, the minister will stand and talk on stage from the podium. And yet, some government officials keep on checking their Telegram, their Messenger or their Facebook nearly throughout the whole event. If the minister knew, I believe he would be quite upset and angry.

Sothie: If it is during one’s free time, that is fine. But they should realize that at a meeting, a seminar or a press conference during which the topics as well as the speakers are important, the participants themselves should be of value and take an active part in the event.  

Samnang: Work standard and ethics? Some people these days only care about themselves.  

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