The Importance of High-Quality Website in Today Business World

The photo shows Chheng Loemkhorn is sitting in front of his computer at KOUPREY Creative Solutions. Photo supplied.  
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  • January 6, 2021 8:27 AM

“To make sure your business stands out from the crowd, you need more than just a normal website, which can attract more visitors and maintain your future ongoing relations with your sustomers,” says Chheng Loemkhorn, Web Designer at KOUPREY Creative Solutions 

Generally, people tend to search for reliable information about any product, which they are interested in buying via a website. Even with the rapid rise of social media, a website is still considered as a very crucial marketing tool for every business, and it is more likely to be a front door, where people can initially learn about your services and products. If your website is very impressive and attractive, your visitors will think highly of your business and make a purchase.

However, Chheng Loemkhorn, Web Designer at KOUPREY Creative Solutions mentioned that business in Cambodia is still facing big challenges regarding the quality of a website due to its content quality, website loading time, mobile-friendliness, SEO, security and so on. Therefore, recently, our team sat down with Loemkhorn to discuss the key elements to measure the best qualities of the website so that businesses can understand how to manage their website effectively and efficiently.

Chheng Loemkhorn, Web Designer at KOUPREY Creative Solutions 

Good User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI)

The first impression is very important so the appearance of the website needs to be attractive and user-friendly to grab the visitors’ attention. A website with a well-designed UX/UI will create a good impression for customers to get interested in your products because they tend to open websites with an easy and effective user experience.

Also, Loemkhorn said: “You should make sure that everything looks consistent on your website such as the font, space, margins, color, heading size, navigation, and so on. Therefore, your audience will not get distracted because the visual outlook of a website will greatly influence visitors to stay on or to leave the site. If they feel impressed with the website design, they tend to scroll around and spend more time on your site and they will gain more trust in your brand.”

He added that in order to get a fascinating website, a web designer should understand the target audience of the business and the latest website design trend. When your customers access your website, they will expect to get what they want so you need to psychologically understand how to fulfill their needs.


Understanding the purpose of a website is very vital and just bear in mind that the purpose of your website is to achieve your business’s goal. Hence, your website needs to have a call-to-action function, and its button is eye-catching and well-positioned for visitors to notice and take further actions on your page and this is an important marketing strategy to get more customers.

Loemkhorn also recommended that to get a well-performed call-to-action, you should carefully consider the use of words (copywriting) and color. For copywriting, you are suggested to use the words, which can generate psychological and emotional triggers. Moreover, the color will help express the outstanding look and use it as the background color of your call-to-action text.

Additionally, he explained that call-to action in a website is a button or hyperlink of text or form, which directs a customer to a brand’s home page, product page, or a content resource that gives your customers more information to learn about a brand or to make a purchase of products and services right away. In other words, your customers can fill in a mini online form that you can collect leads for sale team or they can ask your team to call or send them a message.

Well-Searched Keyword

Basically, a good website contains good keywords that enable visitors to easily reach your content because your goal is to get your content to appear on search engine results because it will help drive more organic traffic to your site. To generate content which can rank organically and drive more visitors to click through effectively, you need to understand the needs of your visitors and know what key term they normally search on search engines.

Loading Time

Loading time is an essential element to measure the performance of a website. If you have a problem with your loading page, you need to optimize and fix it because your visitors will have no much time to wait for accessing your website, and they will leave it immediately whenever your website is too slow.

More importantly, the speed of loading time of your website will greatly affect your site’s bounce rate. To increase the website’s loading speed, you should compress your image file size and avoid using large size videos on the website. Also, using a simple design and optimizing the theme will help improve the website’s loading time, Loenkhorn said.

User-friendly Navigation

Another indispensable component of a well-designed website is considered as a well-informed map site or a set of a guideline, which can allow your visitors to navigate around your page properly to learn more about your products and services without frustration. More importantly, if visitors can navigate quickly and easily on your site, search engines will determine your site’s ranking as a well-performed website. Also, your website will pop up on the top in Google search results, and it will be beneficial to drive more traffic to your website.

High Security

Within the rapid transformation of technology, Loemkhorn added, “Security is a major concern for every business and a good website must be able to protect its security and prevent its risk from potential hackers. If your website is insecure, your business partners and clients will not share their information with you." In addition, to maintain its high security performance, you need to ask your web designer to keep the platform updated and if not, your website will get error and down.

In Conclusion

Generally speaking, having a website for business is very easy but boosting up the high-quality is very time-consuming and it requires more commitments and strategies. Therefore, if you get stuck to think of what you should improve on your website and need more resources to work on this project, you can contact KOUPREY Creative Solutions via [email protected] or make a telephone call at 023 960 980.

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