The Real-Estate Business Is Not Easy at All!!!

  • Cambodianess
  • December 10, 2020 8:35 AM

Sothie and Samnang have not seen each other for quite a while now, due to their work. Furthermore, the latest COVID-19 cases were a reminder that one must be cautious. Nevertheless, the two friends still find ways to talk to each other to exchange views on the present-day situation.

Sothie: Oh, hello Samnang! How have you been? I can only hear your voice on the telephone.

Samnang: I have not been anywhere over the last few days. Because of the pandemic, I just decided to stay home. And you?

Sothie: I fear no COVID-19. I only fear starvation.

Samnang: Eh! Don’t be so careless! Take precaution, my friend.

Sothie: Nah, I was kidding. I sure fear COVID-19. Let me switch the topic. I have heard from our friends that you have quit your job and are getting involved in the real-estate sector. Is that true?

Samnang: Who said that? Maybe they were confused. No, I did not change my occupation. Actually, there are many of my friends who have left their jobs and jumped into the real-estate business. Some of them were working for private companies, others for the government or NGOs. Then, they just stopped and switched to the property business.

Sothie: Does their new occupation bring them more money?

Samnang: Based on what I have observed, I think it is worse than what they were getting before.

Sothie: Why?

Samnang: First, many of them don’t have the specialized knowledge needed to work in real estate. Second, COVID-19 simply choked the sector.

Sothie: So, this means working in real estate is not as easy as they say?

Samnang: If making money was easy, there would be no poverty in society. Of course, some people can be successful with their property investments. However, there can be even more people who are unsuccessful in doing the same thing. Sothie, allow me to offer you an advice. Please do something that is related to your skills. Do not rush to do something for which you have no skill.

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