The Story of Helmets and Other Similar Things…    

A woman holds onto the back of a motorycle loaded with vegetables in Phnom Penh on July 7, 2020. (Photo: AFP)
  • Ky Chamna
  • October 8, 2020 3:31 AM

Some laws exist all the time. But as for the enforcement of those laws in Cambodia, well…not always. And, it does not mean that it is bad. This is a story of helmets and other similar things

“It’s already night time! No need to wear or bring helmets. The police isn’t around.”

“Just run the red light. Come on…it is 5 am in the morning.”

“You don’t need to put on the seatbelt. Trust me: I know this road. There are no police.”

“I know the light is turning red, but it’s a T-shaped intersection! Just go.”

“The driver already has a helmet on. So I, the passenger, don’t need to.”

“My child is just an infant. It is fine for her not to wear a helmet.”

“Back seat, eh? No need to put that seatbelt on.”

“Yeah… I know that this helmet can’t protect my entire head safely. But, you know, at least it is fairly cheap and the police will not fine me if I technically have a helmet on.”

Escaping traffic law enforcement and the basic ideas of safety do not mean escaping from death and injury. Wearing a helmet and respecting traffic rules just to look innocent in front of the law enforcement officers are just ridiculous things to do.

Don’t let your short-sighted actions kill others on the road. The roads are ours, not yours alone. When things are shared, rules are applied.

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