When Work Feels Family, Employee Will Make More Progress

Mech Sothea, who is Senior Associate Designer at SORSOR Architects, believes that the team spirit is truly a key to successful project development.
  • KOUPREY Creative Solutions
  • January 29, 2021 7:24 AM

Team spirit, which enables people to work together effectively, is seen as an important element in both large and small enterprises. Mech Sothea, who is Senior Associate Designer at SORSOR Architects, believes that the team spirit is truly a key to successful project development.

Cambodianess: Why are you interested in working in the architecture sector?

Mech Sothea: Since I was knee-high to a grasshopper, I have been quite interested in embarking on my professional career in architecture because I noticed that architecture plays an important role as a symbol of a country, in which it could truly reflect the culture and lifestyle of people in the past such as the Angkor Wat temple.  

Cambodianess: Why are you interested to work at SORSOR Architects?

Mech Sothea: Remarkably, in Cambodia, there are several famous architecture and interior companies, and I decided to work at SORSOR Architects because I knew exactly that this firm has several remarkable triumphs in architecture for many years. Furthermore, I have been very attracted by the working environment and the company culture, which allow everyone to get close to each other and it also makes me feel at home while being here.

Cambodianess: What are the compelling skills and knowledge that you could gain or learn from this workplace?

Mech Sothea: Besides contributing my existing skills and knowledge in my role as a Senior Associate Designer; in return working at SORSOR Architects, I could get more self-improvement and professional growth as seeing that in the first place, I worked as a designer at the company and right now I got promoted to be a Senior Associate Designer that I could broaden my professional horizon into communications, problem-solving and management skills in leading each project.

Cambodianess: What is most challenging for you while working in this field? How can you deal with it effectively and efficiently?

Mech Sothea: In my experience, working in the architecture field is a little bit challenging because it requires more flexibility and creativity to push each project forward smoothly. For instance, before submitting any works to clients, we must be clear and careful with our architectural design. Therefore, it is more than important for us to meticulously conduct more studies on each project.

To cope with these challenges successfully, we must put more effort into studying our client’s needs, style, and technology so that we could incorporate every important architectural element in our design. More importantly, since working on a large project like this, team spirit is very crucial so we accurately need more cooperation from our clients and teams to achieve all of these projects together.

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