Why Do Luxury Car Drivers Honk Their Horn to Push Others Out? 

  • Cambodianess
  • June 9, 2020 2:25 AM

After many discussions covering the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), Samnang and Sothie shift their attention to the issue of traffic in Cambodia. Sothie was complaining to Samnang about the things he hated on the roads. Sothie was so frustrated and annoyed to see some drivers with their huge expensive cars zooming along the roads while honking their horn inconsiderately pushing other drivers out of their way. 

Sothie: It seems that the congested traffic has returned! The roads are once again overloaded with all sorts of vehicles, but the most annoying definitely have to be the luxury car drivers—you know the ones who love to honk their horns and push through the traffic like they own the road. 

Samnang: Well, I think those drivers are actually the chauffeurs. Not the car owners themselves. 

Sothie: How about the car owners who sit in the back? Why do not they tell their chauffeurs to drive more politely? If people complain on how a car drives on a road, normally they will complain about the owner of that car. Also, if someone takes a photo of the car’s license plate, that car’s identity belongs to the car owner, so the one who sit at the back seat, not the chauffeurs, will face the public’s wrath. Needless to say, some car owners, who drive themselves, also do not care much about others on the roads. It’s a clear case of crass over class with some of these nouveau riche drivers.

Samnang: I do not support anyone who drives without manners. Honking at others while everybody is stuck in a traffic is not really a correct thing to do, it doesn’t help anyone and just makes everything about traffic so much worse. Plus, I also feel pretty annoyed by drivers who use their phones to text or to call without keeping their vehicles steady on the roads. When will this kind of driving attitude disappear? 

Sothie: Samnang! You seem to be angrier than me! 


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