About 1000 Cases of Gangs Cracked Down in Six Months

Police arrested 5 gangs in connection with the case of violence on March 19 at Borey Chhouk Va 2 in Tek Panha village, Sangkat Samrong Krom, Khan Por Senchey. Photo: Commissariat of Phnom Penh Municipal Police

PHNOM PENH–In six months, 939 cases of gangs that spread terror and violence have been cracked down, among which 2,533 gangs (99 women) have confronted legal action.

Gangs refer to a small group of young Cambodians who create chaos in Cambodia’s streets,  such as engaging in violent fights in public spaces, riding over speed limits to escape from local police, stealing or destroying people’s property, committing drugs or rapes. 

The Interior Ministry spokesperson Touch Sokhak said from  Sept. 2023 to Feb. 2024, 417 cases, making up of 825 people including 13 women, have been sent to the court.

1,708 people, including 86 women, equivalent to 522 cases, have been educated. They are required to make written contact with the guarantee of their parents that they will stop causing chaos. If they do not relent, they will face legal action the second time they are arrested.

“I would like to send a message to the youth to refrain from this gang activity, which has a negative effect on us,” said Sokhak.

He urged the parents to educate their children and the authorities to take action timely and implement legal action and administrative discipline.

On March 26, about 100 students were detained near the Chea Sim Samaki High School in Toul Kouk District, Phnom Penh. They gathered to splash the water on the street to celebrate the Khmer New Year which is not until April 14. They later were sent back to their parents and made a promise to stop such activity.

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