HÓME CÓORDY Week has been happened 6 times already since 2020 and known as special weeks for various types of promotions and discounts offering for all HÓME CÓORDY lover.

HÓME CÓORDY Week has been regularly organized once ONLY within three months to provide its supportive customers a very special discount up to 20% off (on selected items) and a chance to win gift vouchers such as 100$ gift voucher (3 pieces), 50$ gift voucher (5 pieces), 20$ gift voucher (10 pieces) and many gifts.  

This times’ HÓME CÓORDY Week lasts for 2 weeks from 15th till 28th February 2022 at both HÓME CÓORDY stores, AEON Phnom Penh, 2nd floor & AEON Sen Sok City, 1st floor. 

Come and get these special offers! Don't miss this great opportunity! 


HÓME CÓORDY is an AEON’s private home fashion brand which has a full line of home fashion products, ranging from dining room, living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen with simple design, Japan quality and affordable price. With its simple, standard, timeless design, HÓME CÓORDY uses the basic colors of white, blue, and grey, to create the symphony with the nature and life.

HÓME CÓORDY is well known for its four special characteristics with simple design, Japan quality, multi-functional and coordination.

If you love simple design of home fashion products with high quality that have multi-functions and can coordinate with other products to decorate your home, then HÓME CÓORDY is the best choice for you.










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