Freedom of the Press: the Government and Reporters Without Borders in Total Divergence

In its 2024 report on press freedom, the NGO Reporters Without Borders ranked Cambodia 151 in its list of 180 countries, relegating Cambodia in the category of countries in which the situation regarding this is “very serious.”

The publication of this report takes place the day following the publication, by the Ministry of Information, of a survey of 341 journalists whose results showed that, for 79.8 percent of them, press freedom is good in Cambodia with 71 percent of them describing it as very good and 8.8 percent as good.

Commenting on the study, the Prime Minister said that he believed the results reflected reality, adding that the number of publications—2,000 –and of journalists—around 10,000—testify to the strength of the freedom of information in Cambodia. 

For its part, Reporters Without Borders has set as criterion number 1 in its ranking public access to information that is independent and reliable.

More than the number of media outlets and journalists, it is the quality of the information distributed to the public that really matters for the NGO.

Throughout the world, states and private interests control the media. For all that, do journalists remain free to produce information independently according to the ethics of their profession. This is the whole question that is being raised here and elsewhere.    

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