How to Apply for the Media and Communication Department at RUPP

Teo Soucheng is in second year at the DMC. Photo supplied.
  • Ngay Nai
  • October 2, 2020 10:24 AM

Requirements include knowledge of current affairs and speaking Khmer and English

To become students at the Department of Media and Communication (DMC) of the Royal University of Phnom Penh, all candidates are required to take an entrance exam that involves a written exam and an interview. Teo Soucheng is in second year at the DMC: The 20-year-old student sat down with Cambodianess to discuss and share some essential tips on how to prepare for the exam to get into the school.

Ngay Nai: As you told me, you were offered scholarships in several fields after grade 12. But you did not seize those opportunities and took the entrance exam at the DMC instead. What prompted you to do so?

Teo Soucheng: I knew I was enthusiastic about communication when I was in grade 12. I enjoy talking with people as well as making new friends. So not surprisingly, I have chosen communication as my major in higher education. And the DMC is the most convenient place where I truly believe it can make my dream come true and prepare me well for my future career….[T]he DMC is the first journalism and communication school in Cambodia. During its 11 years, it has produced dozens of graduates, and a notable number of them are now working as professionals in communication and journalists…working for NGOs, media outlets and so on.

Ngay Nai: As we know, trying to get into the DMC is hard. But [that year] you were one of 30 students selected whereas many other students were not lucky enough to get this chance. So how did you prepare for the entrance exam?

Teo Soucheng: Well, the entrance exam is the most important step for every candidate… To get through this successfully, all must be well-prepared and try to improve their weakest points as much as possible before the exam. English proficiency, general knowledge and a high interest in the media are really needed. Moreover…I try to follow what is going on both in local and global news just to keep in touch with current situations. That is why I could do well in my written exam as well as in the interview.

Ngay Nai: What do you think of the entrance exam? Is it truly difficult?

Teo Soucheng: As I have mentioned earlier, we will be able to pass if we prepare ourselves well before the upcoming exam. For example, most of the questions in the written test are prepared based on current events that have recently taken place. So, it was not too difficult for me because that is what I had prepared myself for all along.

Ngay Nai: Being admitted at the DMC is hard. But studying there is also a challenge. So, how is your life at the DMC now?

Teo Soucheng: The DMC is a bit different from the other departments at the Royal University of Phnom Penh. Language barrier is the most usual challenge for DMC students since English is required and used there. Just like others, I have faced many challenges in my life at university. And a busy schedule is one of the biggest challenges for me at the DMC.

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