Mali Students to Get Hun Sen Scholarships

Hun Sen shaking hand with the new executive Mohamed Dira of Samdech Hun Sen School Complex. Photo: Samdech Hun Sen of Cambodia / Telegram

PHNOM PENH – Hun Sen has awarded 70 scholarships over ten years to​ the Complexe Scolaire Samdech HUN SEN (Samdech Hun Sen School Complex) in Bamako, the capital of Mali.

The school was named after the former prime minister who provided financial assistance for its construction in 2013 and inauguration in 2014. The school became self-sufficient in 2018.

For the future development of multidisciplinary institutions, Hun Sen decided to provide 70 scholarships to the school from 2023 to 2033, including 40 for primary-level students and 30 for secondary students.

The scholarships were announced at a meeting between Hun Sen and the school founder Eva Mysliwiec, an American humanitarian who was based in in Phnom Penh for decades.

She had been working in education and development through NGOs for 30 years in Cambodia. She knew Hun Sen personally and was recognized for her contribution and has been granted Cambodian citizenship.

The school, which opened with 60 students and only primary school programs, now educates more than 440 children through their senior year of high school. Half are girls.

Since it is private, students must pay fees to attend the school which offers courses in its official language French. Cambodia and Mali flags are raised on the top of the school. Every year, students take a class on Cambodian history.

The school was also supported by another Malian partner to strengthen the solidarity between the countries within the Francophone family and within the framework of developing countries and South-South partnership cooperation.

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