Pailin Launches Free Bus Service for Students Commuters

Students pursuing their studies in Battambang can now travel from Pailin through public buses at no charge. Photo from Pailin Provincial Department of Information

PHNOM PENH — The Pailin provincial administration has launched a free public bus service on May 17 to support students who must travel to attend classes and alleviate the financial burdens this involves for underprivileged students.

According to the administration, students pursuing their studies in Battambang can now travel from Pailin at no charge.

Pailin provincial official Vit Chanthoeurn explained that the free bus service is meant to meet the needs of students who must commute to Battambang, as Pailin currently has no university.

“Over 30 students have registered for the service so far,” he said. “Both students and their parents are thrilled about the opportunity of travelling to and from school for free,” he said.

Chanthoeurn stressed that the initiative has received widespread praise as it not only enables students living far from educational institutions to achieve their goals, but also helps reduce the financial burden of having to pay for transport to go to class. 

The service consists of four buses operating on a bi-weekly schedule. Departure from Pailin is at 6 p.m. on Fridays, with return trips from Battambang at 6 p.m. on Sundays.

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